Sanskrit slokas for the wise kid!

Sanskrit slokas for the wise kid!

Want to instill a sense of spirituality and gratitude in the minds of your little ones? Here's a list of five Sanskrit slokas to begin with

One of the best ways of introducing children to the concept of spirituality is by teaching them easy Sanskrit slokas. If the slokas are strung into a tune and rhythm, they might actually enjoy learning these instead of giving you a hard time. Here is a list of five slokas to begin with.


Asatoma Sadgamaya

This is a beautiful, yet simple sloka which invokes the blessings of Gods. The essence of this sloka is to implore the almighty to take one from darkness into light.

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Vakratunda Mahakaaya

Vakratunda Mahakaaya is one of the easiest slokas to start with. This is an apt prayer to say when starting something new, as worship of Lord Ganesha is considered auspicious.

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The Hanuman Chalisa

If you introduced your children to lord Hanuman as a Superhero, they are bound to be excited about chanting the Hanuman Chalisa! Since it is a comparatively long shloka, you could play it out every morning as the kids go about their chores. You’d be surprised at how fast they pick it up!

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Shubham Karoti

This is an evening prayer for strength and prosperity. You can establish a routine where the kids can recite Shubham Karoti as soon as they are home from the playground. A beautiful way to bond and even better way to invoke the Goddess Laxmi!

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This one is a little bit tedious to get around and is best to teach kids once they are old enough. A beautiful sloka, the Ramraksha as the name suggests, brings strength and keeps you safe from any harm.

You can make morning prayers fun by making different kinds of prashad which the kids can get their hands on only after the pooja. Check out some guilt free sweet recipes here.

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Geeta Masurekar

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