100 beautiful Sanskrit baby names

100 beautiful Sanskrit baby names

Looking for a baby name that blends tradition, religion and spirituality? Use this list of Sanskrit baby names as your starting point on the search for the perfect baby name

sanskrit names

Parents make all endeavors to search for absolutely uncommon and meaningful names for their newborn, all in an attempt to give them a good head start in life.

A name is the first intangible possession of a baby. Many parents want their infants to have names which will reflect true ethnicity, tradition and, above all, a constructive meaning. Sanskrit, being one of the oldest and richest known forms of dialect, offers a rich reservoir of traditional names blended with religion and spirituality.

Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy is indeed a daunting task. In spite of the fact that the web space is filled to the brim with lists, catalogues and options, parents find it hard to make that final choice.

So we’ve made the task of name choosing easier for you with this list of 100 beautiful and rich Sanskrit baby names for boys and girls. You can just choose the special Sanskrit baby name which has a meaning close to your heart, is easy on the lips and is simply soothing to hear!

Sanskrit baby names

Sanskrit baby names for boys

Are you welcoming a little prince into the family? If you haven’t found an apt name for him, let this list of 50 meaningful Sanskrit baby names for boys help you find the right one:

 Num Name Meaning
1 Aatreya Name of a sage
2 Achintya Lord Shiva
3 Aadi First
4 Aagam Arrival
5 Angaj Son
6 Anek Many
7 Bahumik Lord of the Earth
8 Bhavik Devout
9 Chitraksh Beautiful eyes
10 Dakshin South
11 Daivik By the grace of God
12 Daksha The skilled one
13 Dvij Born twice
14 Divit Immortal
15 Divyam A part of divine
16 Fareed Unique
17 Firduas Paradise
18 Gaurang Fair complexioned
19 Kanak Gold
20 Kavin Handsome
21 Lekh Article
22 Makul A bud
23 Manan Thought
24 Maneet One who wins hearts
25 Neer Water
26 Namah I bow
27 Nihit God gift
28 Partha Arjun
29 Prasun Blossom
30 Rudra Lord Shiva
31 Ritvij Priest
32 Ruchir Beautiful
33 Som Moon
34 Shlok A saint’s saying
35 Tapan Sun
36 Tathya Truth
37 Tushant Power
38 Uchit Correct
39 Udgam Rising star
40 Utsava Festival
41 Ved Sacred knowledge
42 Viraj Intellient
43 Vyoma Sky
44 Vatsal Affectionate
45 Virat Giant
46 Vivaan Full of life
47 Yaju The yajur veda
48 Yagya Holi fire
49 Yatin Ascetic
50 Yuvan Strong

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sanskrit names

Sanskrit baby names for girls

Each one of these has been carefully hand-picked to give you a wide range of choices for baby girl names. We’ve also provided their meaning so that you can pick the apt name for your little miracle to go with the vision you have for her life.

 Num Name Meaning
1 Asmi I am
2 Amaanya Wishes
3 Apeksha Hope
4 Aashvi Excellent
5 Amara Immortal
6 Anika Graceful
7 Bhumi The Earth
8 Dhuni River
9 Dhara Constant flow
10 Falguni Name of the month 7
11 Gauhar Cow like
12 Hridya Pleasing to the heart
13 Ira Earth
14 Ishana Goddess Durga
15 Jhalak Glimpse
16 Juhi Scented flower
17 Jasweer Victorious
18 Kimaya Divine
19 Kamya Beautiful
20 Karvi Shining
21 Katha Tale
22 Laya Music
23 Lavanya Grace
24 Lara Graceful
25 Mauli Crown
26 Mugdha Spellbound
27 Mrinal Lotus stem
28 Mitali Friendly
29 Malaya Name of a mountain
30 Myra Sweet
31 Nami Wave
32 Nalika Lotus
33 Netra Eyes
34 Nehal Beautiful
35 Oorja Energy
36 Ojaswi Bright
37 Pakhi Bird
38 Pavi Goddess Lakshmi
39 Pankti Sentence
40 Panchi Bird
41 Raga Musical notes
42 Raaina Beautiful princess
43 Shuchi Pure
44 Sachi Indra’s wife
45 Swara Sound
46 Trsiha Wish
47 Utkarsha Energetic
48 Venya God gifted
49 Vyoma Bird
50 Yati Devoted

If you have any insights, questions or comments regarding Sanskrit baby names, please share them in our Comment box below.

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