Here's what keeps cricketer MS Dhoni's wife Sakshi Dhoni looking svelte and fit!

Here's what keeps cricketer MS Dhoni's wife Sakshi Dhoni looking svelte and fit!

Sakshi Dhoni loves running around her adorable daughter who has recently picked up the ropes of walking and it is something many real mums swear by

When you are married to the world's most famous cricketer and also coincidentally a major fashion star, all the limelight can get a bit overwhelming. But not for Sakshi Dhoni.

The better half of MS Dhoni, captain of India's national cricket team, Sakshi, 27, has taken to all the attention like a fish to the water. But the most amazing thing is that between all that public scrutiny, constant travels with the husband and taking care of the 1.5-year-old Ziva, she manages to devote time to herself.

Needless to say, this young mum is as fit as a fiddle and doesn't mind showing off those lovely curves. In fact, she keeps giving everybody a sneak peek into her fabulously fit self and was recently seen alongside her husband at his biopic's release.

So what's her secret?

Secret of Sakshi Dhoni's fitness

Well, it's got something to do with her daughter, Ziva. Yes, that's right.

Born last year in February, Ziva is barely an year and eight months, but has become quite an active child. She loves to run around the house, play with all the guests and above all, is a stylish poser!

While she is not the one to give interviews or share her fitness secret with the media, we can see how quickly she has managed to bounce back into her pre-baby body, thanks to all this physical activity!

Continue reading to see how Sakshi bounced back to her pre-baby post! And also read how real mums of Indusparent lost more than 10 kilos doing THIS simple activity! 

Being active post delivery helps!

By the looks of it, Sakshi loves running around her adorable daughter who has recently picked up the ropes of walking. This helps her be active around a super active kid and it is something many real mums swear by.

But she has also maintained a healthy mix of exercise and eating healthy, which are the cornerstones of losing weight quickly.

Real mums speak

Indusparent spoke to real mums who swore by this to lose post-baby weight and have managed to get their pre-baby body back.

Preeti A, a former marketing professional and a full-time mum to two young young boys, Kavin, 5, and Naitik, 2, says, "Yes of course running around an active kid helps lose post-delivery weight, but thats only if you eat healthy along with the running."

She adds that a being a full-time mum means that she is involved in a lot of physical activities and that helps her keep all that weight at bay.

sakshi dhoni


"Picking up toys is is like yoga, juggling shopping and the baby is weight training, running after them when they refuse to wear clothes is like cardio, and squatting over a used toilet (especially by a boy) is your squats. Who won't lose weight?" says Preethi who lost a whopping 10 kilos post her second delivery.

We spoke to another mum who also shared a similar story and admitted that being active is really the key to losing weight.

A multi-media professional and a mum to five-year-old Navya Kukreti, Avantika Bahuguna lost 12 kilos post delivery and credits the weight loss to an active lifestyle.



"Running around your baby is the best physical activity for a new mother and one that not only helps you lose the post baby weight, but also keeps you satisfied as a new mother as you are there with your baby all the time," she admits.

We are sure that many mums have followed the same and is you have similar personal stories about your weight-loss then we'd love to hear from you!


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