Ryan murder case: Accused class XIth student had plans to poison the school water tank!

Ryan murder case: Accused class XIth student had plans to poison the school water tank!

The Ryan murder case is getting murkier by the day and reports now suggest that the accused had plans to poison the school water tank.

It goes without saying that the Ryan murder case is getting murkier by the day.

More and more shocking revelations are emerging from news reports and what’s alarming is the kind of plans the accused sixteen-year-old boy had just to make sure that the school declares a holiday and he does not sit for an exam.

Ryan Murder Case: Accused planned to poison school water tank

New reports now suggest that during his confessions the class eleventh student said that he had first planned to poison the school water tank.


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“The boy said he dropped the plan to use poison and bought a knife on September 7 from a shop near Anaj Mandi, Sohna, but by the evening he was not sure of using the weapon either, considering the brutality involved in stabbing someone. He again thought of using poison by mixing it in the school’s water tank. Still, he carried the knife to school in his pocket the next day,” says a report in India’s leading newspaper The Hindustan Times.

The report also suggests that the 16-year-old did a lot of research on the internet on the different types of poisons and how they can be used to kill.

On the morning of September 8, the accused saw Pradhyumn in the corridor, who he already knew as the two took music classes together.

He then called Pradyumn in the bathroom to help him. To which Pradhyumn replied, “Haan Bhaiya.” The sixteen-year-old, however, felt a little restless and went to the music class for a while.

“When he came back to the toilet, he found the victim still waiting for him. He then decided to go ahead with the plan to stab the boy,” said the report.

The accused has retracted the statement

Meanwhile, fresh reports on the Ryan Murder case suggest that the victim has retracted his statement and told CBI officials that the investigators had forced him to confess. He made the statement in front of the legal-cum-probation officer appointed by the Juvenile Justice Board

He further added that the investigators had beaten him and made up his confession.

The case that shocked the nation

Needless to say that the Ryan murder case has also raised quite a few questions on how kids are under pressure to perform these days. Bollywood actress Renuka Shahane also shared a post on how “we have left humanity behind is this race for grades.”

“The CBI has taken into custody an 11th grader who allegedly thought nothing of slitting the throat of an innocent 7-year-old school boy just so that the school will have to declare a holiday, exams won’t be held and PTM won’t follow soon after. It sickens me how violence is considered cool these days and in the run for grades we’ve left humanity far behind. It’s time “International Schools” wake up and start actually educating their pupils. And somewhere I hope somebody is teaching the rich that not everything can be bought with money; definitely not good values and definitely not a good education. There are no shortcuts in life and no expressway has milestones,” she wrote on FaceBook.

Shahane indeed makes some interesting points for us to ponder on.

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