Rujuta Diwekar recommends 9 desi super foods best suited for breastfeeding mums!

Rujuta Diwekar recommends 9 desi super foods best suited for breastfeeding mums!

Apart from staying well-rested and well-nourished, lactating mums must ensure to include these 9 super foods in their daily diet.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has been in the news for helping new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan have a healthy pregnancy and safe and glowing postpartum period.

She was also instrumental in helping the Jab We Met actor maintain a healthy facial glow and lose weight naturally.

But, while the two have often discussed glow during pregnancy, a healthy Indian pregnancy diet, as well as a healthy post delivery diet and exercise regime, the one thing that Diwekar and Kareena have not discussed at length is-breastfeeding.

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"Breastmilk is one of the healthiest foods that a child can ever receive"

But to be fair, Diwekar has touched upon the topic in her book Pregnancy Notes and given poignant solutions to foods that must be consumed by a lactating mum.

In her recent interview, Diwekar stated that breastfeeding was a crucial task and one that many women chose and must undertake. "Many women chose to breastfeed and it's important that we are able to live upto to our choices. Breastmilk is one of the healthiest foods that a child can ever receive," she shared.

She also added that in order to breastfeed successfully, nursing mums must remember to rest well and stay nourished throughout their journey.

"While you're breastfeeding it's important to stay well nourished and well rested. So other than waking up in the middle of the night to breastfeed your baby, make sure that all the other logistical stuff is looked after by your partner and other family members. So you are not the only one changing the nappy and also feeding. You should try to just be feeding, going back to bed. Because if you don't do that then lactating the next few days is a problem," share noted.


As for staying nourished and eating the right foods during pregnancy, Diwekar lists nine Indian super foods that all lactating mums must include in their daily diets to have a healthy and continuous breastfeeding experience.

9 desi super foods that all lactating mums must consume

  • Goond/ Edible gum
  • Methi/ Fenugreek
  • Ajwain/ Carom seeds
  • Saunf/ Fennel
  • Til/ Sesame
  • Bajra/ Pearl Millet
  • Aliv/ Watercress seeds
  • Badaam/ Almonds
  • Coconut oil

All of these foods aid an increase in milk production and keep a new mother's body as well as that of the newborn healthy and strong. However, lactating mums should also include ghee, garlic, green vegetables and a minimum of 10 glasses of water in their daily diet.

But the most important thing is to not use breastfeeding as an excuse to lose weight.

"We are so preconditioned to believe that cutting down calories is somehow a healthier choice. But that's not how it works. Eating on time, exercising regularly, regulating your bedtime, and having a purpose in life are the things that are important for a narrow waist line," she shared.

Diwekar instead had a special advice for lactating mothers.

"Cutting down calories only helps the food industry, doesn't help people. Check if this is wholesome, of this is healthy, if this is in season, is this making me feel like am having a good meal," shared the celebrated nutritionist.

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