Rujuta Diwekar lists 5 holy grail foods to combat dry hair, nail and skin this winter!

Rujuta Diwekar lists 5 holy grail foods to combat dry hair, nail and skin this winter!

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar's picks to combat dry hair, nail and skin this winter are not just easy to find in the market but also easy to prepare.

Celebrity fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar is known to stick to the great Indian diet. Whether it is for weight loss, skincare or pregnancy, she advises all her clients to opt for desi ghar ka khaana.

So it wasn't a surprise that when she came up with a special diet to combat dry skin, hair and nail, it was all desi. She listed five important food items on her social media handle that all Indian households must have and ways to cook them.

These food items are not just easy to find, but their cooking methods are also easy to follow. In fact, Diwekar also listed options for non-residential Indians so they can use indigenous products to combat this winter health issue.

5 holy grail food items that combat dry hair, nail and skin

#1 Dry coconut

Method of preparationMake ladoos, barfis, halwa or eat as a mid meal/ afternoon snack (dry coconut + jaggery). You can even add peanuts or chana to make it more wholesome.
Why use this item:
- Dry coconuts have essential fatty acids that add lustre to hair, natural glow to face, prevent lips from chapping.
- Dry coconuts are also micro nutrient dense and are especially good for preventing split ends and dandruff.
For NRIs: If you live outside India, you can use desiccated coconut, coconut flour, coconut bread

#2 Gur/ jaggery

Method of preparation: Mix with ghee and eat it with roti, add it to laddoo, or use it as a mouth freshener.
Why use this item:
- Gur is a digestive agent and it will help get rid of dull nails or acne spots on face.
- Gur is also a good source of iron and other minerals, prevents pimples.
For NRIs: Jaggery powders (darker is better), raw cane sugar

#3 Saunth/ dry ginger

Method of preparation: Use dry ginger in milk/chai or laddoo or mixed with coconut (or til oil) and/or apply it directly to the scalp.
Why use this item:
- Saunth is rich in antioxidant prevents skin and hair damage.
- Dry ginger is also an essential oils work as a natural hair conditioner.
For NRIs: You can add this to chai, use it spice up your salad or pumpkin, squash soups.

#4 Til/ sesame

Method of preparation: You can use til/sesame in laddoos and chikis or add til to your sabzi, dals and even rotis.
Why use this item:
- Til is mineral rich and great to keep the skin moist and fight pigmentation.
- Til also contains vitamin B1 and E that helps nourish the scalp and prevent greying
For NRIs: Tahini on bread, sesame bread sticks, sesame bars/ crackles

#5 Rajgeera/ amaranth

Method of preparation: You can use rajgeera and roll it into a laddoo or chiki or make it into a roti.
Why use this item:
- Rajgeera or amaranth is rich in lysine, an amino acid that propels hair growth.
- Rajgeera also contains Folate thats allows the skin and hair to shine.
For NRIs: You can use amaranth bars/ walnut Amaranth breads

Diwekar's advice on maintaining healthy skin, hair and nail is again on the premise of eating grandma's food; i.e, Indian homegrown food items.

"We should not wait for the West to acknowledge it as something of value. A diet that is not culturally compliant is a diet that won’t last beyond two meals. Why is killing yourself at a gym and starving a better idea than giving food we grew up eating a chance?” she recently shared with a daily. And we can't help but agree.

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