Doctor Says Wearing a Face Mask More Effective Than Social Distancing

Doctor Says Wearing a Face Mask More Effective Than Social Distancing

Apparently any mask is better than no mask at all.

Reusable masks?? How effective are safe distancing measures against the spread of the coronavirus? Not as effective as wearing a mask argues Taiwanese infectious disease doctor Lee Ping-ing.

By maintaining some distance between one another, it helps to protect oneself from possible infection by respiratory droplets — typically spread by talking, sneezing and coughing.

But against those, wouldn’t a mask be able to protect you better? After all, the point of wearing a mask is to reduce the spread of droplets.

“Social distancing is very difficult to implement effectively,” he explained in an interview with Taiwanese news site ETtoday on Wednesday (April 1).

“You’re still going to pass by people in places like toilets,” he said. Couples would also return to the same home and, potentially, the same bed too, making any social distancing effort a moot point, he asserted.

Doctor Says Wearing a Face Mask More Effective Than Social Distancing

Photo: Screengrab/Youtube via ETtoday

As of today (April 4), Taiwan rolled out social distancing measures and on top of that, implemented a fine on people who do not wear masks while on public transport.

More turning towards reusable masks

However, with surgical face masks being ever so elusive nowadays, many have turned to use reusable masks instead, including Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore’s prime minister.

“Any masks will be better than no masks,” wrote Ho Ching in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “We don’t need a hospital-grade surgical mask for general public use, as the chances of meeting a really sick patient are low.”

Instead, surgical masks should be saved for frontline workers, she says.

reusable masks

Here’s all you need to know about creating your own reusable masks. | Photo: 陳小廷 / Facebook

If you’re looking to make your own reusable masks, why not check out tutorials online?

This post was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission. 


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This article was republished with the permission from TheAsianParent.

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