Ritesh and Genelia's happy marriage will give you major #RelationshipGoals

Ritesh and Genelia's happy marriage will give you major #RelationshipGoals

From being friends to lovers and then husband-wife, their journey has been amazing. Inspired from them, here are few #relationship goals that every couple must adhere to

Bollywood's most adorable couple of B-town, Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh can be easliy called the most likeable couple of B-town.

More so because of the amazing chemistry that they share with each other. In an exclusive interview, the two have shared intimate details about their relationship and how they keep the sparks alive even after being married for so long and having a kid.

From being friends to lovers and then husband-wife, their journey has been amazing. Inspired from them, here are few #relationship goals that every couple must adhere to.

1.Start and end your day together

Start your day with greeting each other. A small good morning from your partner would be just the thing you need to remain positive throughout the day. When you are far away from each other, make a good morning call to wake your partner or send a good morning message. And at the end of day a good night text assures your partner that you are safe and sound.

2.Understand each others preferences

The main reasons of fight and arguments between couples are due to their distinct preferences. Try to understand and adjust with each other’s likes and dislikes. Ritesh and Genelia gave a very wonderful example for this.

Ritesh says, “She’s okay with whatever I watch — movies or TV — as she knows those are my passions. When she says food, I am okay with whatever she wants; that’s what she loves.”

3.Have at least one meal together

Take out time from your busy schedule and have at least one meal together. You can have breakfast together. It’s the time when you can share all your previous day stories and with a fresh mood. Even having dinner together helps you become stress free before sleep. You share your entire day’s stress with your partner and hear his as well. At times planning surprise lunches for each other gives the feeling of importance.

4.Write love notes to each other

In this world of digital communication, letters and notes are the best ways to show your affection. If you are going out of town next day, leave notes for your partner at different places. Write letters to each other on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or at special days such as valentine’s day.

The actress says, “We write letters to each other on every occasion.” Ritesh says that they still have all the letters they wrote to each other since the time they started dating.

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