This is the reason why Twinkle Khanna agreed to marry Akshay Kumar

This is the reason why Twinkle Khanna agreed to marry Akshay Kumar

It was not an easy task for Akshay Kumar to convince Twinkle to marry him. Here's the reason why!

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, undoubtedly, have a rocksteady marriage and everyone is just amazed at how they make it work even after 16 years!

The two share a wonderful camaraderie and also keep doing little things to show their love to each other. So while hubby Akshay got a new tattoo for wife Twinkle, Twinkle on the other hand, keeps telling stories of how Akshay keeps disturbing her every day.


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Indeed they make an envious pair but what nobody knows is the fact that it was not an easy love story for the two of them. The two fell in love with each other on the sets of their film International Khiladi and were soon in a steady relationship.

Rumours also say that the two got engaged twice before finally marrying each other. The first engagement was called off due to unknown reasons. However, the second engagement happened successfully when the duo knew that they had to take this relationship ahead.


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However, Twinkle was not willing to take the plunge at that time and the two dated for 3-4 years before Akshay popped the question. Twinkle was still indecisive and in two minds. This is why she replied to Akshay telling him that though she wants to marry him, she has a condition.

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So, Twinkle told Akshay that she would marry him only if her upcoming film Mela fails miserably at the box office. It must be noted here that Mela was being touted as the "biggest film of 2000" as it starred Aamir Khan and his brother Faizal Khan along with Twinkle.

Perhaps that was the reason why Twinkle kept such a condition in front of Akshay. But, as luck would have it, Mela proved to be a dud and failed to garner any critical or audience acclaim. And, Twinkle married Akshay Kumar on January 17, 2001 in a small private ceremony.

But as they say whatever happens, happens for the best and we're also glad that fate brought Twinkle and Akshay together. Today the couple are parents to two kids and are still so much in love.

The couple shares an incredible chemistry which is also quite evident in their media interviews. Akshay Kumar says that the two are poles apart and still manage to survive together. "She is blunt, I am diplomatic. I like vegetarian food, she likes non-vegetarian. I don't have much anger in me, she gets angry easily. We are poles apart and that's the best part," he says.


Twinkle also says that she enjoys the difference between them. “It is wonderful to spend years with a mind so unlike yours and to learn and grow, imbibing the best in each other. He has a great sense of what works and yes, he is very diplomatic and I am outspoken. But we enjoy these differences between us," she adds.

Now that's how you make a marriage work!

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