This is the REAL reason Boney Kapoor is no longer close to his own brothers!

This is the REAL reason Boney Kapoor is no longer close to his own brothers!

Boney Kapoor's relations with his two brother Anil and Sanjay Kapoor have been strained and the real reason could be this one person!

Producer Boney Kapoor recently celebrated his 63rd birthday in Chennai. Accompanied by wife Sridevi and her side of the family, Kapoor looked happy as he rang in another year of his life.

However, a few famous faces were missing from the party. His two brothers, Anil and Sanjay Kapoor as well as their wives Sunita and Maheep we inconspicuous by their absence.

Soured relationships drive Boney Kapoor away!

And word in the rumour mills is that this is reportedly how celebrations will now happen in the Boney and Sridevi Kapoor home, without the other Kapoor brothers.

In fact, Boney Kapoor was missing from the annual family Diwali celebrations as well and the reason is simple- their soured relationships because of just one person.


Happy birthday to my love ❤️

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A friend of the family told Deccan Chronicle, “Boney’s relations with both his brothers have been deteriorating. Ever since Boney’s first wife Mona, who was loved by the entire Kapoor family, passed away, the strain in the relationship between Boney and his brothers has deepened."

No association with Boney Kapoor’s second family

In fact, the source also added that while earlier Boney would often meet his brothers, they have now stopped interacting that much and the primary reason is his second wife Sridevi.

"These days, Boney doesn’t visit Anil or Sanjay and they don’t visit him, even for family functions. As for Boney’s son Arjun and daughter Anshula, they’ve made it very clear that they do not want to be associated with Boney’s second family," he shared.

If you recall, Boney Kapoor's son Arjun recently clarified that while his family has warmed upto Sridevi, he has no relations with her or her daughters Khushi and Janvi.


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"We don't really meet and spend time together so it (relationship) doesn't really exist," shared Arjun.

The irony is that while Boney helped Sridevi reconcile with her sister, he himself has not been able to maintain close relations with his brothers. And by the looks of his kids' reaction, it is pretty clear that Sridevi's transition into his family was not smooth.

Children don't just sail through parental conflict, separation, divorce, and remarriage

However, let's be honest, welcoming a step parent can be tough on any child, especially if it's rushed.

That's why delhi-based clinical psychologist Anuja Kapur shares, "The revolution in sexual relationships is wrecking children's lives as well as those of adults."

She further adds, "It can greatly affect child development and emotional health. Children don't just sail through parental conflict, separation, divorce, and remarriage. There are lasting consequences. Children are affected by single parenting and step-parenting turn out to be no substitute for a missing father or mother. Children feel that living in an unhappy marriage may be far better for them than separation or divorce." Kapur lists the affects of a broken marriage on kids as follows:

  • Divorce wrecks children emotionally
  • Children from broken families have problems with emotional and physical health behaviour and attainment at school
  • They suffer from low self-esteem and have difficulties in friendships
  • They suffer from stress related health problems such as headaches, bed-wetting, stomach aches, feeling sick
  • Not wanting to go to school
  • Just 'feeling miserable'

However, she adds that it doesn't mean that parents cannot remarry, it only means that they must practice restraint. Here's how:

  • Wait two to three years following divorce or the death of your spouse before seriously dating and try to date two years before deciding to marry; then date their children before the wedding
  • Know how to 'cook' (or make) a stepfamily and realise that the 'honeymoon' comes at the end of the journey for remarried couples, not the beginning
  • Think about the kids as 'Yours and Mine'
  • Manage and be sensitive to old loyalties and don’t expect your partner (new spouse) to feel the same about your children as you do
  • Most importantly, parent as a team; speak to your kids openly and get your plan ready

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(News source: Deccan Chronicle | All images courtesy: Instagram)

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