Real mums share: The many ways our kids have called us fat

Real mums share: The many ways our kids have called us fat

Kids say the darndest things. Sure, they don't mean anything by it, but these are some of the funniest ways our kids have called us fat! More here.

Whether or not we'd care to admit it, we're all self-conscious. Mums, as confident and strong as they may be, are no exception to this.

In fact, they may be a little too self-conscious and harsh on themselves. However, the struggles and tolls of pregnancy and motherhood are no joke, and as a result lots of mums sometimes feel a little less than confident and proud with their appearance.

But hey, being a mum ain't easy! You push a child out of you, nurse him, raise him, and maintain your house and marriage and tell me that you still have time to hit the gym, dress yourself in the finest clothes, and wear makeup everyday!

The truth is, mums are typically a little too preoccupied to maintain their ideal level of upkeep. And, honestly, they can do without the reminders. The funny thing is that more often than not, the people reminding mum that "she isn't what she used to be"...are their own kids!

Kids' hilarious inability to filter themselves often yields pretty hysterical results, and today we'll be looking at the times in which these mums' kids were caught "harmlessly body shaming" their mums.

Trust us, these kids meant no harm in uttering these innocuous sentences, but--damn. Those words cut deep.

Ways our kids have called us fat

Take a look at these hilarious entries and let us know if you have any similar stories that you'd like to share:

“My 5-year-old said she likes to poke me in the belly because it is 'so fluffy.' Thanks kid.” — Lynn Morrison, The Nomad Mom Diary

“I was at the water park and going down a slide with one of my son’s friends. He said, 'Wow, we go fast because you are so heavy!’ Super. Just super … ” — Meredith Spidel, The Mom of the Year

"'Mum has a big fat belly that is perfect for belly gongs, watch dis!’ Runs into my belly, bounces off me and falls over. 'Mum, your belly gong is too much.’ Courtesy of my 3-year-old.” — Sarah Cottrell, Housewife Plus

“You’re so jiggly when you laugh!” — Jen Kehl, Beyond Blog Design

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“I’ve lost weight and had to buy new bras. My daughter grabbed my new, smaller bra and tied it around her head. ‘One cup still is bigger than my head!'” — Joy Hedding, Evil Joy Speaks

“My daughter was around 6. I was at the Grove trying on some clothes. We get into the dressing room and she yells, ‘I do not want to see you naked’ with full attitude. The entire store was hysterical." — April Peveteaux, Gluten Is My Bitch

“You’re so soft and squishy, like a pillow.” — Rachel Hebert Pavlik, Rach Riot

Ways our kids have called us fat

“We were headed to a party and I threw on an outfit one step up from shorts and a tank top. My 4-year-old asks, in wonder, 'What is that?!' I answer, 'A dress, bud. You've seen me in a dress before.' He touched the knit fabric and said, 'You look ahhhmazing ... like you're going to have a baby.' — Elly Lonon, Buggin Word

“Recently, my daughter saw a woman who was heavy in the grocery store parking lot and giggled. I reminded her that the woman wasn't much bigger than I am and she rolled her eyes. I stayed silent and planned my counterattack. The next morning, I took her to my warrior fit class and made her watch me spend an hour lifting weights, running and doing push ups. At the end of the class, she looked at me and said, 'Mum, I can't believe how much stuff you can do.' I looked at her and said, 'Sometimes heavy means STRONG, little girl.'" — Christine McDevitt Burke, Keeper of the Fruit Loops

And to top it all off, how about we show dad some "love", too? Here's what one dad had to say about his experience:

“My 4 year-old gave me a hug, pushed my stomach and said, 'Daddy, you are so squishy, like when I touch jelly with my hands.' — Andrew Delfino Almost Coherent Parent

These entries were originally shared in an article published by Mom.Me

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