Real Mum Story: Baby Dove, The Only Brand I Trust For My Baby's Skin

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Millions of mums welcomed Baby Dove with great zeal and enthusiasm and were delighted to find that the Rich Moisture Range, with one fourth moisturizing cream, did wonders to their baby’s tender skin. One such happy mum shares her experience with Baby Dove.


Meet Madhura Saraf, a working mum and her little love, baby Kiaarah


A news anchor and producer in a leading regional news channel, Madhura completely trusts Baby Dove for her daughter’s skin. Read on to know what she has to say about her Baby Dove experience...


Woes of a Working Mum


“I continued to work throughout my pregnancy and joined work right after the baby was 3 months old. I used to feel extremely guilty for leaving her at such a tender age but my family has been extremely supportive. So, my daughter is in the loving care of my in- laws while my husband and I strive to give her a future that she deserves.


“My job is highly demanding, both on time and energy. Also, the way I look and carry myself makes lot of difference on screen. Post-delivery, my body had changed and that made me feel low. On the other hand, I also felt what impression of myself was I going to leave on my daughter? I definitely didn’t want her to see me as a timid, low on confidence woman. So, the real challenge was bouncing back after she was born and model myself into an ideal that she would look up to.


“As she started growing up, she would recognize me when I was giving a news bulletin or conducting a talk show. She would show boundless joy through tiny gestures like hugging me if I’m around, clapping, giggling and so on. I can’t find words to explain how happy that made me.


Once a mommy, always a mommy!


“Amidst all this, I was still a mum first. My baby’s well-being was topmost. Despite being extremely careful all these years, my daughter suffered a skin rash and that alarmed me. I had to review everything that I was using on her sensitive skin. I used mostly natural ingredients, traditional recipes but it would leave her skin sticky and I was afraid that it might lead to some other skin problems.


“I wondered how I could give that exceptional care to my child, while I also continued to be a role model in her eyes. For example, although she is with my in- laws on working days, I make sure that she eats food cooked by me. That is my way of maintaining a connection with my daughter despite being physically away from her. With her skin though, I just couldn’t be relaxed.


Baby Dove turned out to be the perfect answer to all my anxieties about baby skin


“I literally heaved a sigh of relief when I got to know about the Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Range.


“A Dove fan myself, I didn’t have to think twice before buying it for my darling angel. I just knew it would be safe. The Baby Dove products are hypoallergenic which means they reduce the allergy risks, are equipped with a pH neutral formula that is suitable for baby skin and have one fourth moisturizing cream to keep the baby skin soft and supple.


“I started with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar. After that, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Bath time has always been our bonding time and she has a favourite bathing ritual, to uncover the new bar from the packet. So, every time we need a new bar she opens it for us.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion is nothing less than a boon for mums like me. Most importantly, it is absolutely light on sensitive skin and doesn’t make it sticky. Besides it lasts all day. So, once I apply it in the morning I don’t have to worry for the rest of the day. It’s really amazing that her skin is still fresh and mildly scented when I go to pick her up at night.


“Her bag always has the Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes. She has actually outgrown diapers a while ago but I have used the Rash Cream on other inflammations and it has given superb results in soothing the skin.


She loves to pull out the wipes and feel them on her skin on a blazing summer afternoon. The other day my mum- in- law discreetly made a video of her playing with the wipes and it was so endearing.


There are no perfect mums, only real mums


“I am proud to be a real mum, with all my flaws and fallacies and I am so glad for Baby Dove. Truly, it’s the only brand I trust for my baby’s skin.”


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