Real mum review: Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range makes baby’s skin healthy and mum happy!

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Baby Dove, the brand that believes there are no perfect mothers, only real ones, has launched its expert skin care range for babies. Read on to know what this mum says about the recently launched Baby Dove Rich Moisture range.

Growing up using Dove products, mums heaved a collective sigh of relief when Baby Dove was launched - now their babies get to experience the same care and skin nourishment, especially when it comes to moisturisation.

Esha Bhatia, a working professional and mum of a 11-month-old Krishay, shares her reasons for recommending the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range. Hear about her experience, firsthand, in the video below.

Tested by dermatologists and pediatricians, the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range is gentle on baby’s tender skin. The products in the range are hypoallergenic too, thereby reducing allergy risks, and have a pH neutral formula that maintains skin’s natural balance.

Providing utmost care to baby’s skin, Baby Dove Rich Moisture products replenish the essential nutrients and moisture , leaving baby’s skin soft, supple, and mildly fragrant.

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Prutha Soman