Real Mothers Share: "The weirdest place I've pumped breast milk..."

Real Mothers Share: "The weirdest place I've pumped breast milk..."

"My friend's car on the way to dinner. The words 'Oops, I got milk on your dashboard' may have been uttered. This wasn't awkward AT ALL. Nope. Not one bit."

Moms are passionate about many things. The top of that list: providing for their children.

It's truly beautiful and awe-inspiring to think about just how much a mother will endure just to provide for her child. However, sometimes the means to which mothers go can be a little--well, strange.

Don't catch my drift? Well think about this, moms: where was the weirdest place you've ever pumped your breastmilk?

We all know a baby's main source of nourishment comes from a mother's breastmilk, but have you ever pumped said breastmilk in a place that was unusual? Or at a time that was unfavorable?

The Weirdest Place I've Pumped

No need to be shy, moms. We fully support your efforts, we simply wanted to find out all of the hilarious situations and circumstances moms have found themselves in an attempt to pump for their babies.

Mom.Me contributor Leena Trivedi-Grenier recently shared the 10 weirdest places she's had to pump, and we liked her funny experiences so much that we figured we'd share them. Not only that, but we thought we'd ask some of our resident mommies the same question!

Without further ado, these are the weirdest (albeit, pretty damn funny) places these mommies have pumped their breastmilk:


"I once pumped on the toilet because there was no nursing room in my previous office.  You might hear a lot of moms who've pumped on a toilet, but have you ever heard about a mom whose breastpump made the janitor run away? I think I was mistaken as a ghost!"


"My friend's car on the way to dinner. The words 'Oops, I got milk on your dashboard' may have been uttered. This wasn't awkward AT ALL. Nope. Not one bit."


"I pumped in a public bus or train before...just using Freemies"


"My Uber. The key to this one is ordering an SUV or minivan, sitting in the way back like a diva and blasting the radio to cover any noises. Milk from my breasts is probably not the only body fluids ever to grace the car, and hey, at least I'm not giving birth and naming my spawn after the company."


"In a car using a manual breastpump. Not sure this is unusual, though!"


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"On a couch...on a balcony...overlooking my cousin's wedding reception while praying no one looked up!"


"A small 100-person journalism conference, mostly attended by women—and only two bathrooms with two stalls each. Between taking up a stall for 15 minutes straight and the constant whirring of my pump? You just KNOW one of those ladies published a hate essay about me."


"In a jazz club in Austin [TX, USA]. The pros: awesome background music while pumping. The cons: The woman who knocked no less than four times during my session, eventually asking, 'Are you OK? What's going on in there?' Turns out, if you need privacy, just yell 'I'm pumping!' as loud as you can. Instant silence."


"In an airplane. To be clear, this was in my seat, not in the cramped plane bathroom. Bonus points for confusing the hell out of the flight attendant, who saw me wearing my breastfeeding cover while sitting next to the baby."


"Gay night club! It's nice to know that you are the LEAST weird thing to happen in the bathroom that night."

The Weirdest Place I've Pumped


"In the car...while my husband was driving! I find nothing sets the mood quite like hiring a sitter and going out to our favorite restaurant together. The fact that I need to whip 'em out and milk myself on the drive over? ICING ON THE CAKE."


"During a comedy show. Hearing 200 people laughing their asses off while you pump is surprisingly anxiety-inducing. Are they laughing at a joke or the crazy lady who brought a breast pump to a stand-up show? Probably a little of both."


's entries were originally shared on Mom.Me. And, a special thank you to our resident moms for sharing their experiences!


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