Things to keep in mind while raising a baby

Things to keep in mind while raising a baby

While all babies have the same needs at the time of birth, there are striking differences between a boy and a girl.

No matter how much information you get from all quarters of life, the fact is you don’t come to know about it until you become a mother and experience everything first hand.

That’s what happened with me when I became a mother. I was bombarded with all sorts of advice before my baby was born and how I would have a different experience raising a boy and a girl.


It's a girl

baby girl

When my baby girl was born, I thought I knew it all, but believe me it’s easier said than done. While all babies have the same needs at the time of birth, there are striking differences between a boy and a girl. However, I kept three things in mind to make sure I look after my daughter well. You can try them too.

1. Pay attention to their silence: Girls are less cranky than boys and usually don’t complain or at least express their discomfort that often. I came to know about this trait when my newborn baby girl won’t complain even after being hungry for an hour or more.

Such small things really matter when you’re taking care of a new baby. It could be as simple as a wet diaper, but girls being girls would stay quiet rather than bring the house down with their cries. So, a mother of a girl has to be observant and figure out if the baby is uncomfortable. In this case, as girls wet their diapers more in the middle, a diaper that hangs in the middle is a sign that it’s time to change.

But, won’t it be a better idea to use a diaper that caters to the needs of your little baby girl? How about trying the Huggies Ultra Soft Pants (9-14 kg) for girls, which has an extra dry layer at the bottom to keep your baby dry throughout the day. To buy, click here.


2. Listen to their blabber: Girls are like little parrots and one of their greatest ability is to mimic their mommies, which means that a mother of a girl has to constantly listen to their chatter coz chances are sometimes there might be a message that they’re trying to convey behind all that talk.

3. Give them a little more attention and love: While I shouldn’t be saying that because all babies need the tender love and care of a mother, in case of a baby girl you have to be more demonstrative of your love and give them a little extra.

It’s something they are born with and no matter how hard you try, they’d cry at the drop of a hat. I went through it all when my girl was one and had a hard time cajoling her to stop crying.

Slowly, I came to know that my cutie was an attention seeker and I started paying more attention to her cries and coos. Needless to say, her tantrums gradually stopped and she was way calmer than before.

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It's a boy

Congratulations, It’s a boy! Welcome to the world of action and adventure! Yes, you read that right. And while nobody tells you that on your face, the truth is boys are born action heroes and no matter how much you palpitate over their dangerous games and stunts, the truth is you can’t change them.


But, you can definitely control their violent streak and give your little boys the attention they need. Here are three things that would make your life easier.

1. Sing to them: This was my tried and tested formula. My little boy was a big crier and could howl for hours at a stretch without even waiting to catch his breath sometimes.

However, one day I noticed that he suddenly stopped crying as I sang a song to him. I tried it again and found that my singing was calming him down. My singing never stopped after that and even though I had a sore throat quite often, I was happy that my boy was at peace and felt secure.

2. Don’t ignore their tantrums: I agree that boys could get a little difficult to deal with at times, but don’t dismiss their cries as a mere tantrum. This happened with me as well.

My one-year-old son was a little monkey and would jump from one corner to the other the whole day. But on one particular day I noticed that somehow he couldn’t sit still and was really cranky.

On probing I found that he had a wet diaper and as I was using a normal diaper for him, it was not able to absorb the extra flow in the front, which is anyways where they require more absorption That day I realized that boys need different diapers than girls - something like Huggies Ultra Soft Pants (9-14 kg) for boys, that are designed with an extra dry layer placed in the front of the diaper. To buy, click here.


3. Talk to them: The third and the most important thing is that boys are less expressive than girls, which is why it becomes difficult for the mother to figure out if they’re in distress.

The best solution for this would be to talk to them as often as you can and ask them questions to strike a conversation. But make sure you don’t sit with them for hours, as boys hate to do that. Just fifteen minutes are enough for you to help you little boy open up to you!

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