Raveena Tandon: To adopt is the greatest gift that you can give to any child

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Raveena Tandon who adopted two girls in 1995 believes that adoption provides a deeper sense of gratification, more than surrogacy!

Actor Raveena Tandon may be the 'mast mast' girl on screen, but off it she's just a simple, encouraging mother. Tandon is about to be seen in her comeback movie Maatr (mother) exactly 12 years after she became a mother herself when she adopted her two eldest daughters.

Life seems to have come a full circle for this doting mum.

Raveena wanted to give a great life to adoptive daughters

The age-defying diva was just 21 when she decided to adopt two young girls in 1995.

In an interview explaining her decision to adopt way before her marriage Raveena Tandon said, “I didn’t think too much at that time about how I would manage it. I knew that I could afford to bring up and give a great life to two children and I went ahead with it. I am so proud of them today. But of course, I could not have done it without my family. I would be shooting non-stop and they took care of them entirely."

Naturally, as somebody who has invested so much in her kids' lives, Tandon is not a fan of surrogacy. In fact, in a recent interview the mum of four (Pooja, Chhaya, Rasha and Ranbir) explained why people should opt for adoption rather than surrogacy.

"I advise adoption over surrogacy"

Talking about surrogacy Tandon stressed that those who want to become parents should look at adoption as the option and not necessarily surrogacy.

"I advise adoption over surrogacy. I believe that making someone a part of your life through adoption provides a deeper sense of gratification," she shared.

Tandon who herself adopted Pooja and Chhaya when they were 11 and 8-years-old respectively believes that adoption is more gratifying and changes somebody's life.

"It might be your own selfish need to find happiness but I feel so proud when I see my girls and what they have made of their lives. Of course, you can go ahead and have biological kids, but to adopt a child is the greatest gift that you can give to any child," she said.

The mum of four does make a valid point. Even though surrogacy changed the lives of new parents such as Karan Johar, Tusshar Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, it has become more of a fad prompting more famous faces to opt for it.

But for the regular folks who want to opt for surrogacy the new surrogacy bill has made it much difficult, thereby, making it an option best opted for by celebrities.

Surrogacy is no longer easy for regular people!

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The much awaited bill was recently cleared by the cabinet amid mixed reactions from doctors, hopeful parents and even the aam janta. As per the new rules, there are some startling inclusions and stricter norms in the bill, especially for childless couples.

  • From now on, only childless couples who have been married for at least five years will be allowed an “altruistic surrogacy,” which means they can take help from a close relative to be a surrogate mother
  • Foreigners, NRIs and PIOs who hold Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards, have also been barred from opting for surrogacy as “divorces are very common in foreign countries"
  • Live-in partners, single parents and homosexual couples are also barred from opting for surrogacy now

So while famous celebrities such as these actors and directors may have had it easy, surrogacy will no longer be so easy for regular people like you and I.

Therefore, as Raveena Tandon suggests, if you can, change somebody's life through adoption.

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