Rani Mukerji's husband is not interested to work with her because of THIS reason!

Rani Mukerji's husband is not interested to work with her because of THIS reason!

New mum Rani Mukerji says that while is interested to work with her husband Aditya Chopra, he is shying away for a very specific reason.

Working with your spouse comes it its own set of unique challenges. On one hand it may be easier for them to understand your 'work problems.' On the other, a sense of competitiveness may take a toll on your relationship.

Therefore, it is important for spouses to strike the right balance and perhaps even avoid working with each other directly.

And, that is exactly the dilemma actor Rani Mukerji and her producer husband Aditya Chopra are currently facing.

"I don’t think he wants to work with me"

Even though both of them are interested to work with each other, they fear that their individual creative perspectives would not only clash with each other at work, but also result in a huge fight back at home.

The Saathiya actor revealed her fears about working with her famously private hubby in a recent interview.

"Firstly, I would love to work with my husband, I don’t think he wants to work with me. He just feels that on the first day on set we might just get into a fight and he might walk out and I will walk out and there’ll be no film," she quipped.

Incidentally, her statement of a conflict comes close on heels to one where she stated that it was her husband who pushed her to go back to work.

So while he did encourage her get back to work, he doesn't necessarily want to work her in order to keep personal and professional lives separate.

But Aditya was the one who pushed Rani back to work!

"He was after me for about three months from the time Adira was born, because he saw me getting obsessed with her. He said, ‘If I don’t push her now, I think she is going to go into that full-on obsession zone.’ And I am still there. Since I gave birth to Adira, he has been like, ‘Come on! You have to reclaim your life and get back. You have to do your work and you can’t completely immerse yourself’, but I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I am ready even now," shared the new mum who recently celebrated her daughter Adira's birthday on a grand scale.

Rani is ready for work, but may be not with hubby!

Mukerji may not be able to work with her husband as yet, but she did say that she her husband has prepared her enough and that she will not miss Adira while on the job.

"I have spent so much quality time with Adira that I am not going to feel that guilt. I have tried to make a shift in such a way that I am not with her when she is busy. Then during her playtime, I will be back with her, so she does not register my time away that much. Or that is what I am hoping for... I don’t know how it’s going to be. I am dreading it," she shared adding that she was however, dreading it.

"I am mentally preparing myself for the eight or nine hours I have to give to my work every day," she added.

Working with a spouse can be tough but doable

She is actually correct.

For a working mother going to the same office space as the spouse can be like walking a double-edged sword. As a professional you have to separate your work from your personal responsibilities and it works for both partners.

But here's why you can still succeed in this tricky-buisness:

  • No violations please: In many offices partners are not allowed to work together while in other people are not allowed to date. So first thing is first, check if it is okay for the two of you to even work together in the same department. Many companies follow a strict policy in order to avoid hiring relatives of employees, even if it is your spouse.
  • Level to level: Do you both work on the same level in the same department? If so, it could be fair game. However, if one of the partners is on the higher scale, it could create rifts between the two. On the other hand, if done right, it could lead to more respect for your partner and of course, one better pay cheque at home.
  • Professionalism comes first: It's crucial to separate personal fro professional and make it 'work comes first' in office. You may have separate co-workers or employees and it's perfectly fine to maintain that. Giving each other professional space is important for your relationship.
  • Leave work in office: When you come back home, even if together, make it a point to leave your work worries and debates in office. Start on a clean slate when you return home. It becomes even more important for this to happen if you have a child waiting on the two of you.
  • No special treatments: Being a professional means making your work a priority and everything that comes with it must be fair to that ethic. So if your partner reports in to you, make sure they do not get a preferential treatment and neither are you demeaning them. Both can have adverse effects.

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