Yes! Rani Mukerji confirms she is trying to have baby #2, but there is one BIG problem

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Actor and mum Rani Mukerji confirms that she is infact planning to get pregnant again, but is discouraged because of this one factor!

Now that her daughter Adira is almost two, it seems that power couple Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra are seriously considering baby #2.

The Mardaani actor has been dropping hints of a second baby for quite a while now and she recently confirmed the same at a media conclave.

Yes, you read that right.

Rani Mukerji confirms: "I can always try for a second child"

The bubbly mum-of-one who is fiercely protective of her privacy—owning to her guarded hubby—shared that the only discussion the two are currently having is about becoming parents for the second time.

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While sharing her personal and candid discussions with hubby and producer Aditya Chopra, Mukerji said, “I don't talk about work with Aditya. I don't tell him to cast me in films, I can only tell him when do we make our next baby. My conversation with Adi is all about love and Adira."

"I can't have a huge family"

However, in revealing her plans to extend her family, the 39-year-old Mukerji also shared a common apprehension- getting pregnant post 40.

She said, “I can't have a huge family as I think I have missed the bus. I should have started long time ago. But I can always try for a second child."

While Mukerji may fear that age is an important factor in having kids, many doctors disagree.

Late pregnancies are now an easy option for Indian women!

Dr Nupur Gupta, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Director, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon, spoke to theindusparent on the subject. She busted this common myth and explained, "Yes, age is important factor for getting pregnant. But if a woman follows a healthy diet,exercises regularly and maintains a healthy lifestyle then she may carry pregnancy after 35 as well."

Although Dr Gupta added that late pregnancies may lead to several problems. These include fertility problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, miscarriage, placenta previa, premature birth, stillbirth and a baby with a genetic disorder.

However, women shouldn't feel discouraged.

She suggests that women who want to get pregnant post the age of 35 must keep the following in mind, as previously mentioned.

  • Visit the gynaecologist to discuss the overall issues and to correct any pre-existing diseases.
  • Seek regular prenatal care. Regular prenatal visits help your health care provider monitor your health and your baby's health. "Mention any signs or symptoms that concern you. Talking to your health care provider is likely to put your mind at ease," says Dr Gupta.
  • Start to eat a healthy diet and gain weight wisely
  • Do regular physical activity to stay fit, healthy, active and energetic
  • Avoid intake of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are off-limits during pregnancy
  • Clear any medications or supplements with your healthcare provider and learn about prenatal testing

In addition, let's not forget that advanced medicine has given women the option of late pregnancies, whether it is by egg freezing or via IVF.

Famous names such as Diana Hayden as well as Farah Khan Kunder are living examples of how well medicine works for late pregnancies.

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