New parents Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra head out for date night sans daughter Adira!

New parents Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra head out for date night sans daughter Adira!

This is the first time the reclusive couple have been spotted together and in a single frame but we missed Adira

When you are a new parent, your baby becomes your first priority. This also means that romance takes a backseat, but not for new parents Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra.

The reclusive couple, who have never been seen in a single frame, even after their wedding in April 2014, were finally spotted together on a date night. Naturally, the paparazzi went into a frenzy and couldn't help but get this one exclusive shot.

While the new mum was seen in a red loose-fitted dress, the new dad was at his casual best. It seems that Mukerji is in no mood to hurry back into her pre-baby shape, and just like any other regular mum, is enjoying her time as a new mother and concentrating on her baby girl.

The couple had come to Bandra in Mumbai and while nobody knew of their presence at the venue when they reached, the shutterbugs quickly got wind of the news and spotted them while they were heading back home.

The couple, however, were without their daughter Adira, who recently turned one-year; and the one person who was most excited by this development was of course mum Rani.

She even shared an adorable picture of her daughter along with a heartwarming letter that was an apt description of how new mums feel.

Rani's wish for her daughter

In her heartfelt letter that was filled with love, hope and gratitude, Mukerji wrote: "I love my baby Adira.. Can’t live or breathe without her.. My life has changed.. But for the better.. But having a baby is so scary.. Because you suddenly stop living for yourself.. You live for your child,, As she has given birth to you.. A mother..! I can’t sleep at night.. I can’t sleep in the day.. I often think about all the zillions of mothers who have given birth…."

She also questioned new mums and asked, "Do they all go through the same anxiety.. Or is it only me??? I salute all mothers! I am eternally grateful to the Almighty to have given me this blessing in the form of Adira!”

Continue reading to see what Mukerji wishes her daughter to do when she grows up!

Rani's daughter has changed her

“I don’t know if anyone understands me at this point of my life.. But I’m going with the flow.. I let anyone and everyone say things to me without reacting… sometimes reacting also.. I’ve become much calmer.. More patient.. And more forgiving.. It happened overnight one day suddenly.. I realised I have changed…,” says the new mum who has been making quite a few public appearances.

She adds that even though she knows she has changed, it has been for the better.

“Again for the better I guess. I hope I can bring up Adira beautifully.. Without any fears.. Brave.. Wise.. Clever.. Disciplined.. Well mannered.. I want everyone to be proud of her.. Even if nobody is.. I will always be proud of her...Encourage her to follow her heart.. Not get bullied ever.. not be pressurised for anything in life.. Be carefree always.. Happy and smiling.. Laughing wholeheartedly.. Her smile reaching her eyes…,” concludes the doting mum.

She was recently spotted at a Durga Puja pandal with her entire family and posed happily for the photographers and then at various Diwali parties.

But while she was mostly pictured alone at various dos with her friends including choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, it is the first time the new parents have been spotted together.

However, it is not unusual and something that all new parents must plan in order to get some alone time with each other. Here's are a few pointers on how you an enjoy a date night when you've recently had a baby.

Date night for new parents

  • Look for trustworthy help: If your baby's napping schedule is already set, this will be easier, but even if it is not, if you have a trustworthy sitter around you can leave the house feeling assured of his safety. It's always best to ask a relative for help, but if there is none, worry not and hire a sitter after vetting them properly.
  • Plan the feedings: If your baby is still breastfeeding, plan his feeds ahead of time. Pump enough milk or keep formula ready for the few hours you plan to go out and inform the sitter about the same. Keep the nipples and bottles sanitised so it's easier for the sitter and also feed the baby right before you head out, so he is full at least for sometime.
  • Be practical: Do not feel guilty about leaving the baby behind, because that can throw off your date plans. Plus, nobody is expected to be a superwoman and you do not have to juggle everything on your own. When you lose the guilt, you'll be able to have a relaxing night and come back rejuvenated to take care of your baby.

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