Rajkot professor throws sick mother off terrace; heinous act caught on CCTV!

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The chilling CCTV video footage shows the Rajkot professor literally carrying his mother from his house to the terrace. The old woman appears to be is frail and weak and could barely walk a step herself.

A Rajkot professor has been arrested by the police after conducting a crime that would send chills down your spine. The man allegedly threw his sick mother off the terrace of his residential building. The gruesome act was caught on CCTV, but it took the police three months to finally nail him down.

Rajkot Professor throws sick mother off terrace...

A suicide case was registered by the police when the incident had occurred three months ago. However, the Police received an anonymous letter that pushed them to investigate the matter again. The police then retrieved the CCTV footage and caught the assistant red-handed.

It was believed earlier that Jayshreeben Vinodbhai Nathvani, died on September 27 by jumping off the terrace of her own building - Darshan Avenue in Gandhigram area - and died on the spot.

The chilling CCTV video footage shows the Rajkot professor literally carrying his mother from his house to the terrace. The old woman appears to be is frail and weak and could barely walk a step herself. In fact, on close observation, she looks semi-unconscious.

Watch this video to believe what we've just said:

The Rajkot professor, Sandeep, has however denied the claims and says that it was indeed a suicide case and that he had himself taken his mother to the terrace. His mother asked him to get water, which is why he came down wearing his mother's slippers.

A guard of the building is also seen running up the stairs who then informed the Rajkot professor of his mother's death.  Sandeep teaches at the local Mody Pharmacy college. The video that was recovered by the police three months after the incident has gone viral on social media.

The mother had a brain haemorrhage...

News reports say that the mother had recently suffered a brain haemorrhage recently, and her condition was debilitating. Sandeep's sister's marriage was another issue that the son had problems with, add reports.

“She could not walk properly, needed support even to go to the washroom. This raised our suspicion towards the incident after which we examined various footages from different CCTV cameras of the building,” Karan Singh Vaghela, DCP Rajkot was quoted as saying.

Sandeep has now complained of chest pain and has been admitted to a hospital. The police say that he would be added once he's discharged.

Abuse against the elderly in India

Cases of abuse and violence against the elderly are seeing a shocking rise in India.

A 2014 survey conducted by HelpAge India found 50% of the elders admitted to having personally experienced abuse, though 83% of all elders surveyed are of the view that it is prevalent in society. The survey was conducted across 12 Indian cities. Other key findings of the survey:

  • Elders across cities were asked about the abusers within their family. The Daughter-in-law (61%) and Son (59%) emerged as the topmost perpetrators. This is a trend that is continuing from the previous years. Not surprisingly, 77% of those surveyed, live with their families.
  • About 72% of those who experienced abuse belong to the age group 60-69 years while 25% belong to age group 70-79 years. Facing abuse was reported more by females (53%) than males (48%).
  • Across the cities, Verbal abuse (41 %), Disrespect (33%) and Neglect (29%) were the major types of abuse faced by the elderly.
  • Amongst Tier I cities, Mumbai rates Daughter-in-law as the main perpetrator of abuse at 92% while Hyderabad rates the Daughter-in-law at a lowest of 40%.
  • The Son rates the highest at 65% in Bengaluru and a lowest of 21% in Mumbai and 23% in Delhi. In Tier II cities, Mangalore has the highest percentage of Daughter-in-law at 97 % with a lowest of 51% in Visakhapatnam.
  • The Son was rated the highest at 95% at Mangalore and a lowest of 23% in Kanpur. Son and Daughter-in-law emerge as the main perpetrators of abuse in case of male elderly and female elderly respectively.
  • Across the 12 cities, 65 % elderly female and 57 % elderly male responded Daughter-in-law as their perpetrator while 60% elderly male and 58 % elderly female responded that their Son as their perpetrator

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