Is raising your daughter to be bossy actually a good thing?

Is raising your daughter to be bossy actually a good thing?

An old stereotype says that girls tend to be more bossy than boys, but is there anything wrong with that? Learn the benefits of being bossy here!

There's a pretty well established hackneyed idea that girls are bossier than boys. It's a pretty harsh stereotype, but in a lot of cases, it's accurate. Of course, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many chalk up this tendency to a woman's innate ability to lead, multitask, micromanage, and nurture with great success.

Hey, they don't say "Mummy knows best," for nothing!

And while there are clearly positive associations that come with being bossy, it seems as though society tends to view the concept of a "bossy girl" as a negative. Sure, no one likes being bossed around too often, or having someone overly assert their dominance, but since when is being a strong individual, who knows what she wants and how she wants it a bad thing?


In fact, you could make the argument that if a boy were to assert his position, and tell you what he wants and how he wants it, he'd be lauded for displaying leadership skills!

Well today we draw the line in the sand. It's time to clarify how being what most consider a "bossy girl" is actually your daughter displaying headstrong leadership skills.

Laura Lifshitz, a leading contributor for Pop Sugar and proud feminist mother, recently shared her thoughts on the matter. In her opinion, the "bossy" stereotype assigned to girls and women is unfair. She pokes at the idea that being bossy is a double standard. In her latest post she draws on the unfair comparison of bossy boys and bossy girls: "He's being a leader. Our girls are being bossy little tyrants. Enough already."

"It makes me sick to my stomach that we don't see the same attributes in our girls in a positive manner that we do in our boys," this empowered mummy wrote in her post.

Lifshitz believes that little girls who are raised to be bossy have 5 specific attributes that need to be commended and fostered by parents.

Check out the 5 attributes this feminist mummy believes all "bossy girls" will display as she grows! Click next and find out!

"Bossy girls" will grow up to:

Be a Leader

She won't be following all the other kids around on the playground and, as a teen, doing stupid stuff she shouldn't be doing. She'll be following her own example and making choices based on her own thoughts and opinions. Lovely, amazing, and stuff we should be proud of—not squelching!

Take Risks

As a leader, your daughter will take risks because she believes in herself and in her ability to make choices thanks to that strong dominant will of hers. Do you want your daughter to be afraid of new ideas and choices, or to embrace them and channel her own future?


Advocate For Herself

So few women and people are great advocates for themselves but your bossy daughter won't have this problem. She will speak up when she needs to be heard and not tolerate nonsense or disrespect. Be grateful for your headstrong daughter! Do you want her to be the silent and complacent type?

Show her passion

Your bossy daughter is eager to go out and see the world and do things on her own. That zest for life and exuberance is so precious. Nurture it!

Speak Up For Others

Most likely, your bossy daughter will be the one to speak out when she sees someone being mistreated because she is confident with her actions and speech and will come to the rescue like Superman, but better because she's a girl!

You can read Laura Lifshitz's original article on Pop Sugar

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