Raees star and Pakistani actor Mahirah Khan is actually a divorced, single mother

Raees star and Pakistani actor Mahirah Khan is actually a divorced, single mother

"My first priority is my child. So it's a lot of hard work..."

If you've seen the latest Shah Rukh Khan flick Raees, you've probably already noticed his gorgeous co-star Mahirah Khan. The 32-year-old who made her Bollywood debut with the film is a Pakistan-based actor and also works in the television industry there.

And while many came to know of her through the movie's promos and the various controversies that led to its ban in Pakistan and her entry into India, not many know that she is a single mother.

Yes, that's correct.

Single mum of a three-year-old

Khan reportedly met her husband Ali Askari of eight years while studying in Los Angeles and married him 2007. However, matrimonial bliss did not last and the two were divorced in 2015; an year after their son Azlaan's birth.

Look up mamaaa ?

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The single mum has since been taking care of her son single-handedly and during few of her interviews has even admitted that being one has been tough on her.

"I do only one film at a time. My first priority is my child. So it's a lot of hard work. But it can be done. It's all about choices. Many times I have to let go of good work. Fortunately the work I've done has worked for me," she reportedly said in an interview.

While she may be a single-mum who works hard to provide for her child, she is not the only one. There are many notable personalities including former Miss Universe who is raising two young girls all by herself and even shared how it felt like to be a single mum.

"Being a single mother is tough"

In her recent interview from Manila where she had gone to judge the Miss Universe pageant, she admitted that being a single mother is indeed quite tough, especially if you want to adopt children.

“Being a single mother is not easy. It’s very romantic, but its not easy.  Yes, that’s true (went to court for my first daughter). I was 24-years-old and I had been trying since I was 22 to become a mom by the process of adoption. And they didn’t allow it. It took us a while and we got the custody for my baby,” she shared.

Both of these ladies are tough and famous names in their respective nations, but one thing that binds them together is their status as a single mother. While it can be a tough life to raise a child single-handedly, there are things that only a single mother can teach her kids.


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3 things only single mums can teach

  • Value of freedom: Being a single parent may provide enough freedom to live life and raise kids the way you want, but this independence also brings with it a great amount of responsibility. Such parents are able to weigh in everything in their lives, enough to not abuse their independence and use their time wisely.
  • Discipline and accountability: A single parent may not have the time or energy to rely on somebody to somedays take of their kids, they have to do everything themselves and that's perhaps why they automatically inculcate discipline in their lives and eventually in the lives of their kids.
  • Compassion and empathy: Single parents know what it's like to not have people judge their every action and every move and that's perhaps the reason they are able to teach their kids to be more empathetic and compassionate towards those who need help the most.

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