Pulkit Samrat's ex-wife Shweta Rohira has had an amazing weight loss transformation

Pulkit Samrat's ex-wife Shweta Rohira has had an amazing weight loss transformation

After a much publicised estrangement from her ex-husband, Shweta Rohira has taken control of her health and has already lost 15 kilos. Read on to know how.

In 2014, the then much-in-love couple Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira had a big fat Punjabi wedding. Their guest list was envious to say the least and actor Salman Khan himself did kanyadaan for his rakhi sister.

However, the much hyped love story soon came to an abrupt end and within a year, the two separated. And in January this year Shweta filed for divorce.

While Pulkit was rumoured to be dating his co-star Yami Gautam at the time, Shweta meanwhile concentrated on her career and most importantly on becoming healthier.

A far cry from her once hefty and tubby self, she now sports a svelte frame, giving many others some serious fitness goals.

shweta rohira

Following a much publicised estrangement from her ex-husband, Rohira decided to change the course of her life starting with gifting herself a better and fitter body.

"Fat is not only a physical issue but also a emotional issue"

Apart from painting and writing, her daily schedule now includes hitting the gym daily and she has so far lost close to about 15 kilos already. But she credits most of this transformation to just one guy- her rakhi brother Salman Khan.

"As I started my journey and fight with fat, I was very lucky to have my two brothers Siddharth and Salman bhai who gave me the motivation to have discipline required for workout and healthy eating. My mom helped me in realizing that fat is not only a physical issue but also a emotional issue any person who wants to reduce needs to bring in balance in their emotions as many times we eat to relax ourselves. She helped me in avoiding emotional eating," she shared with a daily.

"Joy and content also helps you to have a healthy weight loss"

Incidentally, other than hitting the gym another regime that has truly helped Rohira become calmer and more strong is, yoga. Not only has it transformed her body, it has also helped her excel at meditation.

shweta rohira

"I am still working on myself, have not yet reached my ideal weight. I work out, eat healthy, at times cheat too as my brother Siddharth who is into fitness has given me the mantra maintain a diet that you can follow life long. Reducing and maintaining is a daily process. I meditate and do yoga so that I am balanced and happy as joy and content also helps you to have a healthy weight loss," she further added.

While Shweta's methods are working very well for her, if you have been on the healthier side all your life and are suddenly trying to lose it all, remember that understanding your body type is the key.

Know your body to lose weight faster

Celebrity fitness expert Vinod Channa explains the three body types and the kind of exercises that work best on each, as mentioned previously.

"There are three basic human body types: the Endomorph, the Mesomorph, and the Ectomorph. An Endomorph has narrow hips and clavicles, small joints (wrist/ankles) thin build, stringy muscle and long limbs whereas an Ectomorph is blocky one and has thick rib cage, wide/thicker joints, hips as wide (or wider) than clavicles and shorter limbs. A Mesomorph will look well-proportioned even with a little added weight. They have wide clavicles, narrow waist, thinner joints, long and round muscle bellies," he explains.

  • Exercises for an Ectomorph body type: You should concentrate on gaining weight in the form of good, lean muscle tissue. Weight training should be fairly heavy and done at a slower workout pace with longer rest periods between sets.
  • Exercises for an Endomorph body type: Your biggest concern should be losing fat and adopting a lifestyle that keeps it off. Strength training should be done to get a better muscle-to-fat ratio, which will help to boost your metabolism. Lower your calorie intake and eat frequent but small meals to make sure you're still getting adequate nutrition. Eliminate sugar, sweets, and junk food from your diet.
  • Exercises for a Mesomorph body type: You have a naturally fit body but, to maintain or improve it, you should adopt an exercise and diet regimen that compliments your build. You can strength train more often and for longer periods of time, but be careful not to overdo it. Train with moderate to heavy weights and keep a moderate pace, making sure not to rest too long between sets. You'll find you gain muscle quite easily.

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