Puli movie review: Painfully yours

Puli movie review: Painfully yours

If you are a big fan of Illayathalapathy Vijay and will go watch his films irrespective of the comments, then please do read the Puli movie review

puli movie review

Puli doesn’t even deserve to fall in the ‘it’s-so-bad-that-it’s-good’ category

Puli in a para: Touted as a ‘fantasy-adventure film’, Puli has Vijay playing Magadheera, a warrior prince with Shruti Hassan playing his love interest, Sri Devi, in her elaborate costume (which in all its grandeur performs better than the  wearer) as the wicked queen of the Vetals, Hansika as the princess and Sudeep as the evil commander. Oh and then there are dwarves too. Umm, what’s missing is, I guess, a story line, some sense, quality of production, good music, semi-decent dialogues, and some coherence.

As much as I told myself that the trailer didn’t look half as magnanimous as that of Baahubali, the comparisons were bound to happen, if only because of the little gap between the release of the two films. 20 minutes down the film, I realised that comparisons of any sort, on any level was pointless as Puli just didn’t seem to carry the elaborate yet sensible (as much as a fantasy film can allow) story line.

Puli has the finesse of fantasy films made in the 80s and the 90s. Yes, that’s right. Right from the set to the costume to the dialogues and the songs, there didn’t seem to be one redeeming factor about this one. It seemed more of a hamming festival with each character doing a fabulous job—that of overacting.

The movie is just so last-decade that after a point you give up waiting for that turning point when the stars will act, the side-kicks will stop eye-roll worthy one-liners, the visual-effects will look less tacky and more impressive. Now if you say that the film is meant for children and hence dare justify the shoddiness, then it didn’t even do justice to the younger audience as there is an excess of skin show and violence. Clearly a one-star movie, with the star meant only for the nerves of the people responsible for the movie’s release.

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Written by

Divya Nair

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