Proud mother Sushmita Sen can't stop gushing about daughter Renee's singing talent!

Proud mother Sushmita Sen can't stop gushing about daughter Renee's singing talent!

And she's right. Check out Renee's video inside!

An ex-Miss Universe, a superb actor and a prolific speaker, Sushmita Sen has truly carved a niche for herself in tinsel town. And now that she is a single mother to two beautiful daughters, she's showing the world on how confident parenting can empower your kids and make them push boundaries.

The result is that her daughters are turning out to be as talented as Sushmita herself. While Alisah is still too young to discover her interests, Renee, the elder one, is an incredible singer and has a powerful voice. And the doting mum that she is, Sushmita can't stop gushing about her daughter's talent.


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In her recent Instagram post, Sushmita posted a video in which Renee is singing International singer Adele's 2015 superhit Hello and we must say that the teenager has done a stupendous job with it! Talking about Renee's singing, Sushmita says that Renee truly sings from the heart and chooses the most difficult song.

Here's what Susmita wrote about Renee's singing talent.

"Hello, my first love...When Renée sings my heart melts and dances in gratitude. She truly sings from the heart...always has!!! Ever since her musical Ma 17yrs ago! She is her happiest when she's singing and always chooses the most difficult songs!!! Way to go!!!! We are all so proud of her."

We can only say that Renee does have a voice that makes heart melts. Listen to her song that Sushmita posted yesterday:


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Sushmita has once again shown that why it is important for parents to push their kids to pursue their own passions instead of asking them to do something they don't like.

As parents, we must understand that four and five-year-olds are too young to understand the intricacies of a dance form or to grasp the nuances of painting. So don't push them to join an activity class just because all kids of your society have joined it. Keep these three points in mind:

1. Understand that your kids are young: If your child is so small that he can’t even stand at one place for five minutes, understand that he would not be able to sit still in a drawing class.

2. Never pressurise them: Never ever force your child to do something he is not fond of, just because everybody else in the building/society is going for it. Make a list of things he likes to do and then observe which one he is truly interested in. So you might feel that your kid likes drawing, but may be dance is what interests him.

3. Don’t be in a hurry: Always remember your kiddo’s childhood would not be forever and he won’t be as carefree as he is when he grows up. If you force him to do something he does not like, he would perhaps develop an aversion for it.

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