One lifestyle change breathed a new vigour in this mum’s life! Know how.

One lifestyle change breathed a new vigour in this mum’s life! Know how.

A stay-at-home mum talks about how Protinex’s #DontMissOut campaign helped her overcome poor muscle health and fatigue problems

Growing kids can be a handful. Right from their silly antics to their hobby classes to their school projects, you need to be on your toes, all the time. In that sense, being a parent is a full time job.

And I take it quite seriously. So, when I began sitting out of a lot of my daughter’s activities, I was alarmed. No thanks to a condition of constant, inexplicable fatigue!

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A regular day begins at 5 am for me, but lately, I had to literally kick myself out of bed. I had to push myself to be with her in the never-ending extra curricular activities, playdates with friends, and so on.

There were times when I’d be overwhelmed with so much to do. Coping with her busy schedule was getting challenging. But for my daughter’s sake, I decided to extend my boundaries.

I could sense that something was off. I had to take charge of this situation.

protinex campaign

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When I asked the fellow mothers on WhatsApp, I got to know about the problem of muscle fatigue or poor muscle health and how it’s a growing concern.

It’s a condition where a person feels tired and fatigued constantly because their body doesn’t receive the daily supply of essential nutrients. Many parents spoke about how this one small lifestyle change helped them with improving their muscle health.

That’s when I noticed a few Insta mums talk about it too. Anupriya Kapur, for example, is wonderfully managing her home and work life both. I found out from her that despite being the mum of an active10-year-old, she was her best-fit-self, works as well as manages home and even makes time for some extra activities.

On the other hand, Juhi Bansal explained how the protein was important to stay as active as your kid and that Protinex was one of the best options for her.

Most of the modern-day problems are mainly due to lack of nutrients from an unwholesome diet and lack of physical activity. High protein and low fat contents of Protinex with good amount of exercise can be of great help in coping with this lack.

Parents also recommended that for my kid’s health, Protinex was one of the best supplements that helped with the much- needed nutrient, Protein. Their stories inspired me.

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So, I joined the bandwagon and made this small lifestyle change, I started taking a spoonful of Protinex with warm milk every night and made sure the food I ate is also fortified or filled with essential nutrients.

I also tried to make sure to include a little bit of physical activity in my routine like a morning walk – even if it’s a walk around the market or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Soon, I began to see the difference. I started to feel a little more energetic than before, able to do the same tasks with a bit more ease. And the best of all, I am not only more present for my daughter, but I can now provide more support to her school activities, playing with her in the evening, weekend outing, etc.

After experiencing the benefits of Protinex, I would surely recommend it to my fellow-mums.

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