Horrific! Four-year-old girl raped by peon in posh Mumbai school, parents outraged!

Horrific! Four-year-old girl raped by peon in posh Mumbai school, parents outraged!

The horrific incident of the four-year-old girl raped by peon has outraged all other parents of Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy, Malad, who are now protesting.

Visibly angry parents gathered around the Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy (SJ Academy), Malad, as news spread about a four-year-old girl raped by its peon. 

Today a huge protest was seen outside the school premises in Malad region of Mumbai.

Outrage over incident of girl raped by peon!

As of now, more details are yet to come out, as the school authorities have not commented on the allegation. The name of the accused peon is yet to be released.

There are some reports that suggest that the peon committed the heinous act with the child in the school toilet and has been arrested and is sent in custody.

Horrific! Four-year-old girl raped by peon in posh Mumbai school, parents outraged!

Girl raped between August 1 and 4

According to the statement of police inspector of Dindoshi Police Station, Rajaram Vhanmane, the incident took placed between August 1 and 4 in the school washroom.

The mother of the child filed a complaint on August 5 and a case was registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. The police sprung into quick action and identified the accused and arrested him. The peon is on remand until August 11.

On the morning of Tuesday, other parents hearing the shocking news of 'a girl raped by peon' and gathered outside the Poddar School to express their anger and rage. We are awaiting more details about the story and would update you soon.

Our heart goes out to the little girl and we hope God gives strength to the family to go through the pain.

Talking to your child about sexual abuse

Parenting is not a bed of roses, often you have to tackle difficult issues with your kids. One such topic is on how to educate your child about sexual abuse. Here are some pointers to help you:
  • Basics first: From the time is about 2 years and above try to tell them about all their body parts including the privates. When dressing your child talk to them in simple language that clearly sends the message. Something like -- "Now you have to wear your underwear.
    Remember no one is supposed to look inside your underwear apart from mama and papa and anybody who may be helping you in the washroom. If any one does say NO and tell it to mama."
  • Keep communication open: Never ever reprimand your child if they report you of seeing anything untoward. Just try to gently explain them. The point is that your child should never feel scared of attracting your wrath if he/she shares something with you. You have to be their friend first and understand their impressionable minds.
  • Private Etiquette: When you child starts play school always tell them that they have to ensure that the door is closed when they are using the washroom.Tell their caretaker in specific terms that you want to ensure that when the child uses the bathroom he is accompanied by a female help who ensures she bolts the door when she helps the child.

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[Images courtesy: MUMO Mumbai moms on Facebook]

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