For tear-free first day at playschool!

For tear-free first day at playschool!

If your child has never been away from home, playschool could be terrifying. But preparing him in advance helps


Prepare your child in advance before the first day of school

If your child will be attending playschool soon, we know what a big deal that is. And if this is the first time your child will be away from home, you surely must be a bundle of nerves. Playschool may be the biggest thing that your child would have to face right now, but it will also be enjoyable.

Here are some tips to help your little one be ready to face life outside home:

Advance preps

Weeks before class starts, drive by the school with your child so that he or she will be familiar with the school. If you can, tour the school and explain what each room or area is for.

School is fun

Talk about the things that children do in school. Make it sound like he will have more fun at school than at home. If your child is going to attend the morning session, make sure that you make him sleep early.

Role play

To help your child socialize with other kids easily, do some role playing at home. Describe some scenarios and teach him what to do in each. Tell your child what a good friend should be like and help him practice being one.

Have your child meet with school-age kids in your neighbourhood and ask them to tell your child about school. Make sure that they only say nice things about school.

Build independence

At this stage, your child is still learning some of the most basic skills needed for him to survive in school. Have your child practice eating independently. Teach him how to open lunchboxes and water bottles, and how to use cutlery.

Going to the bathroom can make your child anxious. So make sure that before school starts, you teach your child how to open buttons or pull down pants. Your child should also know that it’s okay to ask the teacher permission to go to the bathroom or to have water. Assure your child that it’s fine if he has an accident because the teacher will be there to help.

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Talk positively about the school to the child

Focus on the positive

This may be harder for you than it is for your child, but you have to learn to let go. When your child feels your confidence and positive attitude towards the school and the people in it, then he will feel that way too. If you are anxious, your child will be able to feel it.

Arrive early

Make sure that your child wakes up early so you can go to school before class starts. A child who comes in late will feel disoriented because everyone else has already settled in.

Just a quick goodbye

Parents, especially mothers, have to be firm and encouraging when it comes to saying goodbye. Don’t overstay as your presence can be distracting to your child. Follow the teacher’s cue and say good bye right away.

At school, promise your child that you will be back later then give him a quick hug. After this, leave the room right away. Resist the urge to look back. Don’t worry, as for all you know, your child may not even miss you.

Trust your child’s teacher

Stop worrying about your child and just entrust him to the teacher. It is important that parents show their children that they are letting go and giving the control over to the teacher. This helps children to have more confidence in their teachers.

Pick up on time

Make sure that you are at the gate before dismissal time so your child will see you as soon as he steps out of class. This will help your child be more confident and less anxious the following day because he is sure that you will always be there at the end of each school day.

Did you follow these steps before your child’s first day at playschool? Please share in the Comment box below.

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