Pregnant Lisa Haydon shows you how to love your growing body, even in a bikini

Pregnant Lisa Haydon shows you how to love your growing body, even in a bikini

The leggy and very much pregnant Lisa Haydon, who is now in her third trimester, rocks the recent cover of Elle Magazine and how!

The gorgeous and lithe Lisa Haydon has always inspired girls to be fit and comfortable in their own skin. So it is no wonder that she continues to share the positive vibes even now that she is pregnant.

The leggy and very much pregnant Lisa Haydon, who is now in her third trimester, rocks the recent cover of Elle Magazine, where she is seen flaunting her body in a beautiful summery bikini.


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Lisa strikes a side pose to show off the baby bump, which is the main focus of the cover issue, which is aptly titled The Love Your Body Issue. Lisa also shared the picture on her Instagram and had said that this is the most exciting shape of her life!

"Thank you team Elle for putting me on your body issue cover.. morphing into the most exciting shape of my life!! This is my favourite cover till date because my baby made it on as well. So many fun memories with you guys!," she wrote.

How many times have you seen an Indian woman being comfortable in her pregnant body? I have rarely come across many such women, and I will admit that I too was quite nervous about my growing body.


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But times are changing, and our Indian ladies are now learning to flaunt their bumps in style, from wearing bold prints to trying out new styles that they would earlier try to steer clear of. And the first person to make pregnancy fashionable was perhaps Kareena Kapoor Khan, who stylishly sailed through her nine months.

Love your pregnant body and flaunt it with pride..

You already know that the extra weight you are putting on is doing a lot of good for your unborn baby, and a steady and healthy pregnancy weight is a sign that all is fine. However, the rising number on the weighing scale often weighs us down, as we feel unattractive, big and bloated. But not anymore.



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There are so many reasons why you should be proud of your pregnant body, and learn to love it.

  • We are so obsessed with being thin that we often mistake our pregnant bodies as being fat. The truth is, your pregnant body is a nurturing home for your little one, and the bigger it grows, the more comfortable it is for your unborn baby.
  • Indian women are known for their curves, and there is no sight more beautiful than a curvy and glowing Indian woman who is pregnant. You can always get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape with the right mix of food and exercise. So use these pregnancy months as a time of nurturing and taking it easy, and instead of counting the calories, check out your curves and feel happy.
  • We always tend to worry about the stretch marks that come with pregnancy, but why not treat them as your tiger mommy marks? Your body is doing some serious magic, nurturing a live being inside and helping it grow, so why shouldn’t you be proud of these marks? Wear them as a badge of your strength and love. You can always use some good old Indian home remedies, such as using coconut oil, to reduce the stretch marks once baby arrives.
  • Spend some quality time with your partner and feel the love. Instead of wearing boring and old clothes because they are loose and fit comfortably, shop for new ones that will not only be comfortable, but also stylish.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you don’t look good. Being a mother is a proud moment, so why not start feeling proud of yourself already for creating the tiny one inside you, and show off your bump to the world in style?

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