Pregnant host, Meghna Pant takes moms-to-be through a ‘Nine Month’ journey...

First Post and theIndusparent have put together a unique pregnancy show, ‘Nine Months’, hosted by financial journalist, Meghna Pant and our very own influencer mommy, Avantika Bhahuguna Kukreti.

Pregnant mums and even couples planning to expand their families often need support and assurance about various queries and doubts that keep popping in their minds about conception, pregnancy and motherhood. A lack of consolidated guide that helps women through all stages of having a baby leaves most of them unsure, hesitant and also confused about what awaits on the other side of this decision.

We say, worry no more as the first, comprehensive show on pregnancy, ‘Nine Months’ is coming soon to slay all your questions about pregnancy and motherhood. The seven part series touches upon important aspects like infertility treatments, the three trimesters, labour and delivery and what a new mum must expect.


Here’s the engaging first look of Nine Months…



Ladies, whichever stage of pregnancy you are in, this is your chance to benefit from expert advice of the leading gynecologists, pediatricians, obstetricians, nutritionists and anesthesiologists. Right from getting information on IVF treatment to choosing the right crib for your angel, Nine Months is your one-stop-shop for all your concerns about pregnancy and parenting.


The famous financial journalist, author and a pregnant mum Meghna Pant, interacts with experts and takes you through this roller coaster ride of getting pregnant, carrying your little angel within you and finally becoming a mother.


‘Nine Months’, a visual how-to-survival guide brings expert advice, knowledge and perspective to make your pregnancy an easy and a memorable experience for you.