Third month of pregnancy: What's new now

Third month of pregnancy: What's new now

In the third month, you can bid adieu to a few pregnancy symptoms. Even the baby has grown bigger. Read on to know more

You are now nearing the end of your first trimester. This will also mark an end to a lot of pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and dizziness. However, fatigue is something that you will still have to face in the third month of pregnancy besides the emotional ups and downs.

So, relax and make sure that you talk to your partner about what you are feeling since there are another six months to get through.

Some of the common changes that you might face during third month of pregnancy are:

  • Vaginal discharge increases
  • Constipation
  • Backache
  • Cramps in legs and feet
  • Heatburn
  • Bloating

What is happening with your baby


During third month of pregnancy, your baby has now turned into a foetus. He has now fingers, toes and soft nails and ears. What's more, the baby's bones have also begin to harden. He has also begin to move spontaneously, though you cannot feel these movements yet. His eyes are large and open now.

Watch this video to understand more:

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