Pregnancy Week 39: Guide for Mothers

Pregnancy Week 39: Guide for Mothers

Your baby, who is now as big as a watermelon, can flex his limbs. Find out other amazing facts in our pregnancy week 39 guide for Indian Mothers

How Big is Your Baby?
week by week pregnancy guide: week 39

Your Baby's Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you'll learn that:

  • Physical development aside (your baby can now flex his limbs!), your baby’s brain continues to develop, making him smarter by the week.
  • His nails may extend past his fingertips, he can open his eyes, and he's breathing well.
  • Other than making your baby’s cheeks kissable and pinchable, the thicker layer of fat deposited over his blood vessels causes his skin to turn from pink to white. This is regardless of how dark-skinned he will be eventually; pigmentation occurs soon after birth.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • You will go through false labour every now and then. This is pain that usually starts in the front of your abdomen that goes away when you change positions. However, if the pain persists and comes frequently and regularly, inform your doctor.
  • The urge to nest (cleaning and tidying up your space) becomes stronger, though try not to stress yourself while cleaning. Do not be the one carrying or packing away heavy items.

Pregnancy Care

  • It is important that you continue to eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep. You will need all the strength that you can muster to go through what’s right around the corner: your delivery!

Your Checklist

  • Ensure your hospital bag has all that you need and is ready to go.
  • Go through your action plan just in case you g0 into labour: Who do you call? What do you bring? Where should you go? What should you do when you’re in a certain situation? Since all you can do now is wait, use this time to ensure that you have every single detail in place.

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