Pregnancy Week 29: Guide for Mothers

Pregnancy Week 29: Guide for Mothers

So many amazing things are happening to your baby now, including a rapidly growing brain. As for you, mom, watch out for a dip in iron (so take your supplements) and the formation of varicose veins (wear compression stockings).

How Big is Your Baby?

week by week pregnancy guide: week 29

Your Baby's Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you'll learn that:

  • Your baby's head is growing to accommodate his brain, which is also growing rapidly.
  • If you are having a boy, his testicles are moving from their location tucked up near his kidneys down through his groin. If you are having a girl, her clitoris is fairly prominent, as her still-small labia doesn't cover it yet.
  • His baby muscles and lungs continue to mature.
  • His hearing has improved greatly.
  • Your baby starts to create more blood for its own use.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Your baby’s kicks and punches may be so hard that they may take your breath away, and even cause severe pain and unintentional loss of urine.
  • As your baby uses most of the nutrients, you may feel like you need to eat again after a meal. But fight this temptation and trust that your baby is receiving all the nutrients he needs.
  • As your hormones continue to fluctuate, you will experience skin rashes, dryness, and intense itching. Refrain from scratching your skin, and keep it moisturized.
  • You may experience mood swings and may feel fatigued due to the amount of weight you are gaining.

Pregnancy Care

  • Your iron levels may dip now. So take in an average of 30 mg daily from prenatal vitamins or dietary sources.
  • Lie on your side (usually your left side is best) to make yourself and your baby comfortable and for improved blood circulation.

The Checklist

  • Start doing research on which birthing class you want to take; best to book it as well to ensure your slot.
  • Planning on some postnatal massage? It's best to start hunting for the best packages and book services. You want to ensure you are pampered when your baby is out.
  • In some cases, varicose veins may begin to form on your legs. Use compression stockings and elevate your feet to minimize this.
  • Ensure you eat plenty of iron-rich food, which helps you make red blood cells.

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