4 changes you can expect in your wife during pregnancy

4 changes you can expect in your wife during pregnancy

If your wife is pregnant, you need to know these four changes that would occur in her.

Pregnancy brings a huge change in the life of a couple. You start making healthier choices and reducing the stress inducers in your life. But most important are the changes that occur in your wife. These changes are not just physical. Emotional and psychological changes in your wife can change her personality over the course of the pregnancy.

Understanding these changes is important for you as a husband because you are the closest person to your wife, and all her pains and aches are going to come to you first. Here are 4 major changes that happen in your wife when she is pregnant.

1# Increase in sensitivity and mood swings

During the first few weeks, your wife would experience and react to a lot more emotions than she previously did. She would be more sensitive to surroundings and may end up crying at the slightest provocation. This is particularly important in joint families as even slight disagreements with the saas would lead to a lot of emotional stress.

She would also experience some mood swings. Things that she previously liked may not appeal to her. So be careful if you are planning a big surprise for her!

This is caused due to the changes in the hormones. The emotional turmoil would reduce after a while, typically in the second trimester.

As a husband, you need to communicate with her more often and actively search for signs of distress. This is a delicate phase in her life and it is your responsibility to make it stress-free.

2# Pregnancy glow

You will notice that your wife starts to look more beautiful. Her hair is denser, her bust fuller and she would appear to be glowing- a definition of a quintessential Indian beauty. This is again, attributed to the hormones.

She could also experience an increase in her libido. She would appear irresistible, but try and avoid  sex during the first and the last trimester. Always consult your doctor for this.

This is a right phase to spend time with each other. Go out, have some responsible fun. Plan a babymoon. Remember to make healthy choices while eating out! Don't forget to get clicked as these would be some great memories.

3# Fatigue, aches and pains

Your wife would have been the most lively person you have ever seen before the pregnancy, but she may not be able to maintain the same energy levels after she is pregnant.

During the first and the third trimester, your wife would be super tired. At times, she would have a difficulty in performing her daily chores. If her nausea is bad, she would be drained at the end of the day.

In addition, she would have swollen ankles, tired feet, low back pain and round ligament pains. These vary in intensity, and may interfere with the daily activities.

This is a right time to enlist help if you have not already done that.

You can bond with your wife over an evening foot rub. Massage her back every day. That would help her sleep better.

4# Cravings and weight gain

Women put on anywhere between 8-18 kilos over the course of pregnancy. This will happen gradually and most of it is to help the baby after delivery. She would end up losing the hourglass figure, and would have to work hard after delivery to regain it.

In addition, Bahus and betis get pampered during pregnancy and your wife might end up putting on more weight than required. That may not hamper her appetite and she would still have cravings for foods rich in fats and sugar.

As a husband, the last thing you should do is to comment on her weight. She should not end up feeling unwanted. This happens a lot in Indian scenario, and it is in your power to avoid it.

Make her feel good and positive about her weight gain. If you find her cravings unnecessary, involve a neutral third-party like your doctor. Some cravings are essential as they happen as a result of a few deficiencies. Involving a doctor makes a neutral assessment possible.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and it is important to make it as enjoyable as possible for the wife. This is your time to shine as a husband and really get her the chaand and taare you always promised her!

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Anay Bhalerao

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