Precautions during pregnancy: Trimester 1 guide

Precautions during pregnancy: Trimester 1 guide

Deciding what's harmful and what's not during pregnancy can be taxing. Here is a list of precautions during pregnancy to help you sail through the first trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting phase in a woman’s life. Throughout those eventful 40 weeks, your body goes all out to make the little one feel at home! However, a woman has lowered immunity when pregnant, making her more prone to illnesses and infections. Knowing what’s harmful and taking the necessary precautions during pregnancy can ensure a healthy baby and a happy mommy.

General precautions during pregnancy

Some precautions are to be taken throughout pregnancy, irrespective of the trimester you are in.

Alcohol and Smoking

No amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy. Alcohol harms the growing foetus and may cause foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) a condition which can impair the baby’s developing brain. Smoking while pregnant can cause you to miscarry or lead you to have a low birth weight baby. Even second hand smoke is harmful for a pregnant woman.

Eating fish and meat

Deep sea fish such as shark or swordfish tend to have have high levels of mercury and are to be avoided. Also, a pregnant woman must stay away from raw eggs (no sunny side up!) and undercooked meat to prevent salmonella poisoning or toxoplasmosis, which can cause severe health issues.

Pill popping

Popping pills is a big no during pregnancy. A lot of over the counter medicines which are otherwise safe, may harm the growing foetus. These include Ayurvedic medicines. Always consult your doctor before you take any kind of medication.

Consuming caffeine

Go easy on the coffee! Large amounts of caffeine in the blood increase the chance of stillbirth by almost 50 percent! Be careful, as certain soft drinks or energy drinks also contain sizeable amounts of caffeine.

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Precautions during pregnancy: First trimester

The first three months are the most crucial months of a pregnancy. The foetus grows rapidly and most vital organs develop during this phase.

Do not skip your prenatal vitamins

Folic acid is required for the foetus to develop a healthy brain and spinal cord. Take your folic acid supplements without fail and include nuts, greens, whole grains or cooked eggs in your diet.

precautions during pregnancy

The first trimester is the most crucial phase of your pregnancy


Avoid travel by two or three wheeler vehicles

Scooter or autorickshaw rides tend to be bumpy. As your uterus is delicate, harsh rides can cause bleeding or spotting. Prefer to take the car or the train.

Restrict diet

Steer clear of greasy and spicy foods to manage flatulence and morning sickness better.

Traditionally, certain “heating” foods are discouraged during pregnancy for the fear of miscarriage. Papaya and pineapple are a couple of things you must avoid. They contain enzymes which are believed to trigger labour. Though evidence has shown that moderate amounts do not harm the baby, keep a check on your consumption, particularly  if you have complications.

Exercise with caution

Go easy on certain strenuous exercises (running, cycling, etc) and limit yourself to yoga exercises suitable for the first trimester.

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