Precautions during pregnancy: Trimester 3 guide

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So the penguin walk has set in with your 3rd trimester and along with it several new discomforts! Here's a guide to the precautions you must take during trimester 3

As you approach closer to your due date, fatigue may make a comeback, along with the urge to urinate often. The baby's head starts descending into the pelvic cavity, putting pressure on your pelvic floor. Your body prepares you for the big day!

No lugging absolutely

Heavy weights must not be picked up at this stage as your ligaments are softer and may be strained easily.

Side sleeping it is

If you aren't already, start sleeping on your side. Sleeping on the back leaves you breathless and restricts blood flow to the placenta. Keep a wedge shaped pillow or a small cushion between your knees for better comfort.

Being 'iron' woman

Eat plenty of iron rich foods like black raisins, greens and whole grains along with your supplements. This will stock up your baby's and your iron needs incase you suffer from blood loss during delivery.

Avoiding constipation

While stocking up on all that iron is very important, remember that constipation (thanks to an iron-enriched diet) can be terrible at this time - not just painful, but also dangerous for your pregnancy.

It could also have after-effects in the form of post-delivery haemorrhoids. Eat plenty of fruit to ensure trouble-free visits to the loo!

Taking a seat

Standing for longer periods of time may invite varicose veins and water retention around ankles during this period. Take short walks or put your feet up (literally!) whenever possible, to increase circulation.

And lastly, don't forget to call your doctor if you're doubtful about something. Asking an expert can put most of your fears at ease!

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