Precautions during pregnancy: Trimester 2 guide

Precautions during pregnancy: Trimester 2 guide

Getting worked up over what precautions during pregnancy you must take? Let these guidelines for the 2nd trimester put you at rest

Months four to six is known as the 'golden' trimester as your body gets more used to your growing belly. Fatigue and morning sickness may fade away and the womb moves upwards, reducing pressure on your bladder and pelvis. This is the best time to travel, or start an exercise routine.

Travel care

Special precautions during pregnancy are to be observed while you travel:

  • Watch what you eat. Avoid raw food, including salads or pre cut fruits. Drink only pasteurised milk and bottled water.
  • Stay hydrated always. Pack your umbrella and sunscreen if travelling in the sun.
  • If you're in for a long flight or car ride, walk around the aisle of the aircraft or ensure you are able to stretch to enable blood circulation.

Weight matters

While that occasional craving for a chocolate donut can be encouraged, binging cannot. Overeating, especially unhealthy food may make you put on unnecessary weight and throw you high on the gestational diabetes or C-section list. Ideally a pregnant woman should put on about 12-14 kgs during her entire pregnancy.

Step back, skinny jeans

It's time to shop for maternity wear and bigger size bras now. As your bump and breast sizes rapidly increase, comfortable clothes must be worn so that you feel at ease with your body.

The heel deal

One of the most important precautions during pregnancy one can take is avoiding  heels. The growing belly adds pressure to your spine and shifts your centre of gravity, making you prone to backaches and falls. Stick to flats for ease of movement and better posture while you walk.

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