Practice yoga asanas according to vastu

Practice yoga asanas according to vastu

Did you know, practicing meditative yoga asanas in the north-east is most effective?

Yoga asanas and Vastu go hand in hand

Practicing yoga in South of South East gives power, energy, strength and confidence

If you were to read about the benefits of yoga on the internet, you’ll find a lot of content not just about its benefits, but also about its popularity. Yoga possesses the unique ability to calm the physiological and psychological body. While some people are practising it only to address their physical needs, some are finding mental peace through its practice.

It is believed that yogic exercises cater to the needs of each individual according to his or her specific needs and physical conditions. Yoga ensures that the mind is naturally active and dynamic, while the inner self is at peace. However, are at-home yoga practitioners able to reap all its benefits? Perhaps, they can if they combine yoga with vastu shastra.

As per vastu shastra, the house can be divided into sixteen zones. Each of these zones has a purpose and only a predefined activity can be performed in these zones. The benefits of yoga can only come through if yoga is performed at the right place.

A place where there is no imbalance of five basic elements, where the mind can be at peace and the body is in a relaxed state. The place of yoga has to ensure that it meets the purpose of the practice— body and mind rise to the level of the illuminated self. Hence, yoga cannot be practiced in just any room located in just any direction of the house.

  • If you are doing yoga for meditative purpose, then north-east, the zone of mind and clarity will give you best results. Energies present in this zone naturally facilitate connectivity with higher self which is the basic purpose of yoga.
  • If you are doing yoga as a physical exercise, then opt for south of south east. This direction governs power, energy, strength and confidence. It is believed that the strength in the human body is influenced by the energy that is emanated by this zone.
  • If you are doing yoga for mind-related exercises, you can again opt for south of south east. This zone also positively influences the mental power of the individual.

So, if you have been unrolling the mat in just about any room of the house, stop doing that immediately. Examine the activities being done in specific zones. And if you find that the south is quite clear, then permanently place your yoga mat there. Soon, you will begin to feel the positive effects of yoga.

The right practice in the right zone will stimulate and change emotional attitudes. It will convert apprehensiveness into courage, indecisiveness into positive decision-making skills, and emotional instability into mental equilibrium.

Our expert, Prasad Kulkarni, is a well-known MahaVastu Expert of Mumbai, and is also the CEO of MahaVastu, Mumbai.

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Prasad Kulkarni

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