Power breakfast: Vegetable pancakes that your kids would love! (Video Inside)

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Pancakes are a healthy and filling option for breakfast and kids just love them

A healthy breakfast is a must! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it revs up your metabolism, builds up your energy for the day and makes you just feel good.

When you sleep, your body is in fasting mode. So the moment you wake up, you need to pump it up with energy, otherwise, it will enter a starvation mode, and store more fat. The next step is eating a consistent meal every morning, which studies have shown to reduce the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases.

Pancakes are a healthy and filling option for breakfast and kids just love them. However, instead of making “normal” pancakes we can create various versions of it!

An eggless pancake that is gluten-free is indeed a healthy option. This will also help maintain a consistent diet early mornings!

Let’s look at the ingredients and steps required for the carrot, spinach, and sweet potato pancake:

  • Take a mixing bowl and add 1 cup of besan, add salt (as per your taste), 1 tsp. of turmeric powder and ½ tsp of baking soda.
  • Add 3 quarter cups of water and stir the batter precisely, to this add 1/3 cooked mashed sweet potato and a hand full of coriander leaves in this batter.
  • Take a skillet and make sure it is on medium heat, add a hand full of spinach leaves and let it wilt properly before removing it from the pan.
  • Grate a few carrots and add the spinach and carrot to the batter which was made before. (Incase the spinach leaves are big, ensure to cut them into smaller pieces)
  • Give everything a good mix and make sure the batter is in an appropriate consistency.
  • Heat a pan and brush it with olive oil or regular oil and set the batter precisely on it. Let it cook for 3 minutes on one side and then flip it on the other. Once it is cooked properly remove it from the pan and it is ready to be served.
  • Serve the pancakes and dip it with your favourite sauce.

Watch this video for further details!

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Written by

Apoorva Shankar

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