Planning a trip with a new baby? Pack these essentials in to keep your baby happy and fresh...

What’s the secret to happy babies while traveling or holidaying? Here are some essentials to carry to keep your little angel comfortable throughout the trip…

Traveling is an excellent stress- buster for young couples to unwind from their busy and hectic schedules.

A quiet, leisurely holiday with your partner is all that you need to de-stress and relax. Many find it meaningful to invest in a unique and adventurous travel experience.

However, after having a baby, the new parents avoid traveling or holidaying as it can get overwhelming to go on trips with an infant. What most couples forget is that with proper planning and forethought they can easily overcome any such worries and enjoy some great, much needed time together as it can prove to be a good break from the mundane and routine activities.

Mums, we bet you remember your honeymoon days and how excited you must have been to start a new life with your loved one. Apart from utilities, you must have carried some pretty outfits with matching accessories to look perfect on all your dates with your husband. After the baby though, expect your packing priorities to change. The needs of an infant are different and when planning a trip with your newly arrived bundle of joy, you will have to consider his or her comfort before yours.

So here are some baby essentials that you must keep with you when traveling with a new born…


  • Food and nutrition


Mums, this will vary based on where your baby is in his or her feeding cycle but carrying ample clean, boiled water is a must.

Breastfeeding mums, carry comfortable clothes for yourself that will make it easier for you to satisfy your baby whenever he or she demands milk.

Mums who are comfortable using breast pumps can carry it and regularly store milk to satiate your baby without disrupting your own schedule. Don’t forget to carry enough milk storers and baby bottles. In case you also use a bowl and spoon, do keep that in your baby essentials bag as well.

Make sure you are carrying enough formula milk supplies to last the entire trip duration, if your baby is on formula milk.


  • First Aid Kit


The first aid kit becomes absolutely necessary when you go outdoors with your precious one. You can either buy a readymade first aid kit or make your own. Make sure that the box is strong and durable and mark it with the words First Aid.

The first aid kit must include-

  1. Accessories such as thermometer, tweezers, scissors, baby wipes
  2. Dressing material such as antiseptic liquid or lotion, cotton balls, bandage, gauze pads, adhesive tapes and bandages, diaper rash cream
  3. Rehydrating fluids in case of diarrhoea
  4. A flashlight, in case you need to check eyes or ears
  5. Ice packs and gel packs for swellings
  6. Paediatrician recommended medicines for your baby

Mums, it is also a good idea to include your baby’s medical file in this kit, a first aid manual and a list of important phone numbers.


  • Diaper bag


Choose good quality disposable and cloth diapers for your baby and keep a sufficient stock with you. Include some soft, cotton cloth rags and old newspapers for random use such as wrapping the used diapers and keep some plastic or biodegradable bags to dispose off the diapers. Don’t forget to include diaper rash cream and baby wipes.

Our recommendation: Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream and Rich Moisture Baby Wipes are a great option for this purpose.


  • Toys and recreation


Your baby’s favourite toys might just come handy in pacifying him or her when he or she is cranky, so don’t forget to pack a few of them.


  • Clothing


Mums, depending on the weather and your holiday destination, carry clothing that is suitable. Also keep in mind your mode of transport while dressing your baby. Keep some extra clothes as the baby could wet or stain their clothes. . While feeding or giving water to your baby, make him or her wear a bib to keep the baby clean.


  • Travel Gear


Mums, in case you are traveling in your own car, make use of a baby safety seat and ensure that you are properly strapping the baby. Avoid sitting in front with the baby as it might prove dangerous in emergency situations.


  • Skincare for your baby


Last but definitely not the least, carry baby skincare products that you regularly use to keep your angel’s skin soft and nourished, just like Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Range.


Baby Dove has created a whole range of products keeping your baby’s need as priority. All these products are hypoallergenic and are pH neutral, keeping unnecessary allergies at bay. Baby Dove products comprise of 1/4th moisturising cream to keep your baby’s skin smooth and soft from the first use itself. What’s even better is that these products are safe and developed for daily use. Baby Dove products are also dermatologist and paediatrician tested. To know more about Baby Dove and its range of products click here.


Some of the skincare essentials that you must carry with you are…

Choose a good baby bar for your angel. Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Bar and Sensitive Moisture Bar are perfect options for your baby’s skincare needs. The Baby Dove Bar is perfect for nourishing and gentle cleansing of delicate baby skin.

Use a baby lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion keeps your angel’s delicate skin soothed and fragrant. It can be used on newborn skin as well.

Mums, what are you thinking about? Pack your and your baby’s bag and set off on that much deserved vacation with your family.