Stranger Danger: 7 pictures of your child you must NEVER post on social media

Stranger Danger: 7 pictures of your child you must NEVER post on social media

As parents, we must be responsible and practice restraint when it comes to posting photos of your kids. Here are 7 you must always avoid sharing on social media

Do you remember this post?

A guy sends you a friend request. You don't know him, but he's got a cute profile pic, so you accept.

It's baby girl's first day of school! She looks SO cute in her new outfit you just have to take a picture and put it on Facebook so all your friends and family can see. You're so excited dropping her off that you "check in" to her school on Fb saying "I can't believe how big she's gotten. Time sure flies. One proud momma/daddy right here!"...

Meanwhile, the mystery guy whose friend request you hurriedly accepted earlier this morning is saving that picture you posted of your daughter in her cute new outfit to his phone and texting it to 60 other grown men across the world with the caption "Caucasian female. Age 5. Brown hair, green eyes. $2,500." Not only did you provide a picture of your little girl to a child trafficker, you've handed him the name and exact location of her school on a silver cyber platter.

You go to pick her up at 3:00 this afternoon, but she's nowhere to be found. Little do you know, your precious baby girl was sold to a 43-year-old pedophile before you even stepped foot off campus this morning, and now she's on her way to South Africa with a bag over her head, confused, terrified and crying because a man she's never seen before picked her up from school, and now she doesn't know where her parents are, where she's going, or what's gonna happen to her.


In September 2014, this post (without original attribution) went viral on Facebook, throwing parents into a state of complete frenzy. This write up, like many other unsolicited emails and Facebook posts, highlights the underlying theme of 'Internet predators.'

Sure we live in a world where snapping pictures and posting them online is an acceptable norm. But while sharing pictures of your kids going dressed to birthday parties or checking out a zoo is cute, some moments should remain private. Otherwise, you may put your child in an embarrassing position or worst yet, make them a target of child predators.

So we picked 7 pictures that you should keep off the Internet so as to keep your kids safe and off any imminent danger.

7 pictures of your child you must NEVER post on social media

#1 Posting bath time photos

While your kid is enjoying his bath time in a tub, sudsing up to a soap bar might be a cute moment to remember, it's certainly not a good idea to post pictures of naked kids on the Internet. You may find these adorable, but peadophiles don't. It's an opportunity for them to indulge in child pornography.

#2 Posting personal details

Another 'no-no' is to share private and personal details online. Avoid sharing details of your house number, name of your locality, name of your child's school, his or her age and details of the babysitter. All of these details can pose a danger to your child since they can be easily accessed.

#3 Posting photos of potty-training

How and when your child learns to do his business should not be anybody else's business. Do you really want your child to see embarrassing pictures of themselves in the future? It's also not a good practice to share such intimate moments with people online. Remember, whatever you share online lasts forever!

Continue reading to know more about the kind of pictures you must never post online.

#4 Posting shaming photos

Sometimes we may post pictures shaming a child, but this practice can have devastating effects on the kid. This action not only violates trust between the child and the parent, but may also cause post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and even anxiety in the later stages of the child's life.

#5 Posting group photos

If your child is attending a group function like a birthday with his/her friends, it's better to take permission of fellow parents before posting a group picture. While you may not see anything wrong with it, some parents might be opposed to the idea of sharing their child's picture online.

#6 Posting sick or injured photos

Avoid posting pictures of your child, especially when they are unwell. As parents, its our job to protect and safeguard our children from harm's way and not take advantage of them. Would you want somebody to take a selfie with you when you are unwell? Probably not. Apply the same principle for your kids and spare them that resting time.

#7 Posting photos of unsafe activities

It maybe a 'fun' idea to take a selfie while your child is unstrapped in a moving car, but it's not really the safest one! Not only are you promoting unsafe practices, you are also putting your child in grave danger. Photos of such seemingly harmless moments taken in good fun can backfire and also opens you up to parenting criticism.

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