These pics of TV star Drashti Dhami with husband Neeraj Khemka would give you major couple goals

These pics of TV star Drashti Dhami with husband Neeraj Khemka would give you major couple goals

Don't they look super cute!

Drashti Dhami is back with a bang on the small screen with her new show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil, which is getting rave reviews for its unique concept and storyline.

The 31-year-old actress, who's best remembered for her debut show Madhubala, got married last year to businessman Neeraj Khemka in a small private affair. While Drashti normally isn't someone who would like her husband to discuss her work, for the first time ever she posted a video on Instagram with her husband making an announcement about her new show. Here's the video that she posted:

Drashti says that marriage was a very smooth transition for her. "The journey so far has been very smooth; it didn’t feel like a transition. The only difference is that earlier, I lived with my mum, and now, I stay with my husband. My in-laws are pretty chilled out," she said in an interview to the Hindustan Times.

Happy Diwali guys #????????????????????

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Drashti also says that she's lucky to have such wonderful in-laws who are very supportive of her.

"There are times I reach home late and if my father-in-law doesn’t meet me for three days, I get a message from him “Missing you, haven’t seen you for three days”. My mother-in-law loves me very much, whether it’s onscreen, offscreen or pulling her son’s hair (laughs)," she says talking about her married life.



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Neeraj was a fabulous boyfriend and now he's an even better husband, says Drashti.

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"Neeraj was a fabulous boyfriend, and is the same as a husband. Now, I don’t talk to him that often on the phone, as we know we will meet every evening. We make sure we spend time together, and wait for each other. He’s very supportive, which is wonderful," she says.

Drashti has also been blessed with a wonderful family after marriage and she looks forward to spending time with them, she says.


Happiness#love#bestfriendsforlife#loveutomoonandback @khemkaniraj ????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

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"I love spending time with them. We all sit and play cards, we play poker, watch movies. Even in the morning if I’m having my breakfast they come and sit with me. Like my father in law, he wakes up very early and sleeps very early too. So if I’m reaching home late, I don’t get to meet him and if I don’t see him for 2-3 days, then I get a message from him," she adds.


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3 ways to have a rocking marriage

While it takes two to make a marriage work, it can be a smooth ride for you like Drashti if you follow these three points:

1.Don't involve others: Many times couples end up fighting over issues that have been triggered by external sources such as a spiteful mother-in-law or friend, therefore it is best to keep them out of your marriage. Couples who don't discuss others, stay happier.

2. Ask and answer: A healthy relationship is one where both partners ask and answer as communication is the key to a happy married life.

3. Anticipate and accept changes: Drashti says that for her marriage was a smooth transition and so can it be for others as well if they accept the changes that come with it. All you need to do that is to stay positive and calm.

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