This pic of Taimur with mausi Karisma's son Kiaan shows us why cousins are important

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Indeed, Taimur and Kiaan's pic reminds us of the role of cousins in our lives.

We all have fond memories of our childhood and the one thing that's a constant in all is the role our cousins have played in creating them. Needless to say, the role of cousins in our lives is a blessing.

They are your contemporaries, partners in crime, best friends, best guides and sometimes even best advisers. They're even your go-to people in times of crisis. 

Taimur and Kiaan's pic reminds us of the role of cousins in our lives

The role of cousins can't be denied in our lives and there is one pic that just reiterates the fact. A pic of Taimur with cousin Kiaan, Karisma Kapoor's son, has been breaking the internet today. 

Clicked at a birthday party, the pic shows Taimur and Kiann playing with each other at a birthday party in Mumbai. The two look in full-on masti mood and naughty Taimur is smiling at his cousin. Kiaan is lovingly looking at his younger cousin and has a smile on his face.

We're sure the two will have an unbreakable bond in the times to come.

Taimur with his cousins and great-grandmother

Previously as well there have been quite a few instances where Taimur is seen spending time with his cousins as well as maternal family. Check out this gem of a pic where he is great-grandmother Krishna Raj Kapoor's lap as his cousins Samaira and Kiaan (Karisma Kapoor's kids) look on. 

And here's another one where Taimur is seen with his nana-nani, Randhir Kapoor and Babita, mummy Kareena and daddy Saif, mausi Karisma and cousins Kian and Samaira.


Why cousins are important

    • Cousins can bring the family together by creating a special and unique bond by helping create some wonderful childhood memories.

  • They can also play a bigger role in today's age where nuclear families have become the norm and couples do not want a second child. In such cases, they can play a role of a sibling that your child does not have.
  • Older cousins can be that support and guide who you can leave your kids with when out for work or when they want to study abroad or somewhere away from your native place. Cousins can play the role of local guardians during such times. 
  • They are your kids' contemporaries and would perhaps become their supports when they grow up.

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