Toxic pesticide claims the life of 4 young siblings!

Toxic pesticide claims the life of 4 young siblings!

In an unfortunate and unforeseen incident, the toxic pesticide meant to kill mice, led to the death of four young children. Here's how you can avoid a similar mishap

According to sources, the children, ranging in age between seven and seventeen, died of accidental pesticide poisoning. Six other people were hospitalised, while their mum is on life-support.

The toxic pesticide which claimed the life of the four siblings was accidentally released into their Northeast Amarillo home by their father, Peter Balderas. He had placed them under the family’s home as a measure against mice. However, after neighbours complained about the smell of the pesticide, Balderas used a hose to wash out the pellets which reacted with the water, creating phosphine gas. This toxic gas killed Felipe Balderas, seven; Johnnie Balderas, nine; Josue Balderas, 11 and Yasmeen Balderas, 17.

While the claim is still that the pesticide poisoning was an accident, considering it killed four young children, the police are investigating the incident. As per sources, the pesticide used by the father is professional-grade and has a restricted availability.

Continue reading to know how to avert pesticide poisoning and keep children safe from other household chemicals.

While what happened with the Balderas family was unfortunate, it was also something that could have been easily prevented. With an inquisitive 8-year-old at home, I am mighty careful about what goes where, especially when it comes to household chemicals in the form of cleaners, or even cans of paint. Keep an eye out on the following factors if you have a child at home, rambunctious or not:

  1. Proper storage: Put all toxic household chemicals in a cabinet with a child-safe lock. Right from the bleach to kitchen, bathroom, and other household cleaners should be stored here and keep it locked at all times. Don't let older children see how you unfasten the lock.
  2. Out of reach: Although your nail polish and remover, perfume, hair sprays and colognes all fall in the beauty product category, they are still made of chemicals. Keep these personal care items out of reach of children.
  3. Never leave chemicals unattended: No matter how important that break is for you, do not leave any of the toxic household chemicals unattended when children are around. Shut them tight, put them away and then answer that phone call.
  4. Know your emergency numbers: Despite our best efforts, if children manage to come in contact with any chemicals, quickly read the label on the product and follow instructions meant as first-aid. Next, call for the emergency medical care centre. If the child is already reacting to the chemicals, rush to the hospital before anything else.
  5. Never panic: No matter what, do not lose your cool. Panic has never helped any cause. It will just add to the problem and you will lose precious time. In case of an accident, every second counts.

All said and done, as parents, as much as we wish to be around our children 24/7, it's just not possible. What we could do is focus on things that is within our control. The rest, as they say, is destiny!


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