6-year-old girl's heart beats outside her body..it's a miracle

6-year-old girl's heart beats outside her body..it's a miracle

The girl from Russia suffers from pentalogy of cantrell, a rare condition in which the heart and the intestines are pushed outside the body

For six-year-old Virsaviya Goncharov, her life has been a miracle. Soon after her birth, the doctors had told her mother that she won’t survive. The reason? Her heart beats outside her body.

Known to be suffering from a rare condition called pentalogy of cantrell, Virsaviya’s heart and a part of her intestines have been pushed outside her chest and are being protected by an extremely thin layer of skin.

pentalogy of cantrell

Virsaviya’s condition affects one in every 1,000,000 births

In most cases—the condition affects one in every 1,000,000 births—kids don’t even live through the birthing process. “I know why I have a heart outside. Because Jesus wants to show that he can make special things like me,” a jubilant Virsaviya told NBC news.

The mother daughter duo have been travelling from country to country for an appropriate treatment, only to be turned down by doctors due to the complexity of the surgery involved.

“I like to draw Jesus, ponies and angels. I don’t go to the school and I don’t go to the ballet but I want to do it at home. My heart is right here. It’s outside of my chest and I really love my mom, she’s always touching my heart because she likes it,” Virsaviya told indiatimes.com.

pentalogy of cantrell

The little angle loves to draw Jesus!

On Instagram, Virsaviya is famous by the name of #VirsaviyaWarrior and yes, that’s true! We wish you more power Virsaviya!

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