Peeing before and after sex is a must---Here's why

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Each time a woman has sex, she is at risk for developing this infection.

You may have developed the habit of peeing after sexual intercourse in order to prevent getting a UTI (urinary tract infections), but did you know that gynecologists also recommend peeing before having sex?

Gynecologist Jessica Shepherd tells Cosmo that penetration during sex can cause you to hold in pee, making you more prone to bladder spasms and UTI. Though it may be tough to remember to hit the ladies room in the "heat of the moment," but it's an important health reminder we shouldn't take for granted.

The connection between UTI and Sex

Urinary tract infection (UTI) cause painful urination, back pain and abdominal cramping. Though it can be attributed by a variety of factors, sex is a common cause as intercourse increases the risk that bacteria from the anus or genital area will enter the woman's urinary tract, bladder, or kidneys, says

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Women, as you may already know, are more prone to UTIs because they have shorter urethras, which makes it easier for bacteria to travel upward into their bodies.

Each time a woman has sex, she is at risk for developing this infection.

Aside from peeing before and after sex, here are more ways to prevent UTIs:

  • Clean your genital and anus before and after sex
  • Stay hydrated. Making sure to drink lots of water helps lessen bacteria in your urinary tract
  • Avoid using diaphragms or spermicide as birth control.

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