Thanks to PeeBuddy; ladies, you can now pee while standing

Thanks to PeeBuddy; ladies, you can now pee while standing

Founder Deep Bajaj speaks to theIndusparent about his startup, which is enabling women to pee while standing with its revolutionary product

All it took was a road trip for Deep Bajaj to come up with a solution to women’s public peeing problems. He developed Peebuddy­—disposable tunnel-shape urination device—and made it possible for women across the country to stand and pee.

He founded PeeBuddy, a Delhi-based started in 2014, which builds women’s hygiene and intimate care products.

The Eureka moment

It was a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur in January 2014, when this idea was first born. “We were four couples on the road and our wives wanted us to stop at every fuel station on the way. And they only wanted to use the clean washrooms, which obviously is not possible everywhere,” says Bajaj, founder, PeeBuddy, who spoke to theIndusparent about his innovation.

The Eureka moment happened when one of the wives wished there was an easy way out of this problem and they could just stand and pee. “She mentioned that she wished she were in Europe and could use the disposable peeing devices available for women,” he says.

pee while standing

From left to right: Deep Bajaj, founder, Rahul Anand; and Mohit Najaj, co-founders of

Bajaj says that soon after the trip he suggested this idea to his friends, they laughed it off, but he was determined to work on it. “That’s how PeeBuddy really came about,” he says, adding that even though it’s a new concept in India, it was first patented in Europe in early 1990s.

Before PeeBuddy

Bajaj, who has a master’s degree in marketing from the Australian National University, came back to India in 2005 and had been dabbling in events and marketing ever since. He was also managing his wife’s business side of her carpet design company.

But last year he decided to work on PeeBuddy full-time with his friends and co-founders Rahul Anand and Mohit Bajaj.

The product: PeeBuddy

PeeBuddy is a disposable tunnel-shaped paper urination product. It fits ergonomically fits between the legs to enable women to urinate while standing. “We were experimenting with various shapes, till Rahul came up with this design. So we filed a patent petition and got one on February this year,” says Bajaj.

The product is available in the market and priced at Rs 200 for a pack of 10, and Rs 375 for a pack of 20. “We are also retailing it on Flipkart and is available for use to all across India. Our future plan is to expand into retail outlets in Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai,” informs Bajaj.

The biggest beneficiaries

 This product is not just useful for women on the go, but most importantly for pregnant women and those suffering from arthritis. “We have a panel of some of best gyneacologists and orthopedics in the country who certified this product as safe,” he says.

The company and its future

PeeBuddy’s innovative concept has grabbed many eyeballs already and major e-commerce websites including Snapdeal, Healthkart and are more than willing to sell the product on their website.

But the biggest validation came from Procamrunning, organisers of Standard Chartered Mumbai and Bangalore marathons. “They were willing to distribute the samples to all their female runners and that came as a big boost for us,” says Bajaj.

PeeBuddy plans to launch a whole range of women sanitation products including intimate wipes and disposable bags in the near future.

(Image courtesy: Peebuddy, Cloudfront)

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