This new delicious surprise helps your child be on top of his game!

This new delicious surprise helps your child be on top of his game!

Now parents can relax and breathe easy knowing that their children are set for the upcoming summer holidays.

Nutrition for growing children is paramount to ensure  your child gets the best out of everything  they do. But parents often struggle to make sure their little ones eat properly. This is especially true during the summer months when kids just want to play (not eat)!

But with the new Pediasure® Cookies and Cream addition that just launched recently in Mumbai, you can set aside your worries.

This yummy drink combines deliciousness and good nutrition all into one. It is jam packed with 37 important nutrients which help support a kid's growth while meeting their daily nutritional requirements. Parents can breathe a little easy knowing that Pediasure definitely has your child’s best interest in mind.

The Importance of Providing Enough Nutrition for Growing Children

Why is a child’s proper nutrition so important, especially in those early years? It is important because children are at a time in their life when they are constantly growing and learning new things. Good nutrition fuels this learning and development. When children have a healthy diet, rich in calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals, overall physical and mental development are ensured.

Having said this, how can you be sure that your child’s daily nutrition requirement is met through his diet… especially if he is a picky eater or just too "busy" to eat?

One of the highlights during the Pediasure® Cookies and Cream launch were real life struggles of parents just like you, looking for  a solution: to be able to provide a wholesome meal for their kids during the summer holidays.

pediasure cookies and cream

How can parents provide these kids with the energy that they will need to last the summer?

Amal Kelshikar, Country Head & General Manager-India at Abbott Nutrition explains that they understand how parents constantly "worry about their kids’ complete nutrition and growth, particularly so in the summer break time when meal-time discipline becomes flexible and play time takes centre stage."

This is where Pediasure® Cookies and Cream comes in: to provide delicious nutrient-packed milk to every child so that they can meet their nutritional needs on a daily basis.

Ensure Proper Nutrition All Year Round!

But don't just stop at summer! Give them Abbott’s New Pediasure® Cookies & Cream flavour every day and all year round because the period between the ages of two and seven is their #TimetoGrow !

"This is the time when children have specific nutritional requirements and high energy needs," said Dr. Eileen Canday, Head of Dietetics & Nutrition at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital. It is also especially important if the child is in need of additional nutritional support to achieve overall growth.

With just two servings of Pediasure® Cookies and Cream, your child would already meet his or her daily required nutrition.* pediasure cookies and cream

Try Abbott’s New Pediasure® Cookies & Cream flavour today! They are available at most major retailers nationwide as well as online. To learn more you can always visit and watch the video below!

*As part of a balanced diet.

Written by

Rosanna Chio

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