How Kalaripayattu became the solution to Parineeti Chopra's weight loss problems

How Kalaripayattu became the solution to Parineeti Chopra's weight loss problems

It helped her weight go from 85kgs to 58kgs!

By her own admission, actor Parineeti Chopra was always conscious of her looks and body before she entered the film industry.

And even though she had shed quite a lot of weight before making her Bollywood debut the girl knew that she had to tone her body, even more, to survive in the competitive world.

This was when Parineeti discovered Kalaripayattu, which according to her turned out to be a life-changing decision for her.

Kalaripayattu is actually a mix martial arts form that has its origin in the Indian state of Kerala. This rigorous regimen works especially for those who hate the monotonous gym routine. When Parineeti took up this form she knew that with dedication the results could be path-breaking.

The other news is that this martial art form can be a boon for girls to learn, as it is also en effective form of self-defense. 

Kalaripayattu explained

Kalari in local language translates into the battlefield or a war arena while Payattu means to fight or combat so the form is actually a way of self-defense used inside a battle ring.

In actual practice, the form is practiced with the use of weapons, when it is used, as form of work out the movements’ remains as intense and every single area of the body is targeted.

The combat form also utilizes various bodily postures inspired by the combat techniques of animals such as lion, elephants, wild boar, snake, cat etc.

Another advantage of this martial art form is that since it is performed out in the open it lets your body soak in the fresh air and you are not stuck in the same air-conditioned gym atmosphere. It also adds extreme agility to your body so that you become swift in all your movements.

For those who are already imagining it is as battlefield cry there is good news too as Kalaripayattu involves oil massages to soothe the frayed nerves that may become tense during rigorous training.

How Parineeti owned it

Parineeti had already shed a lot of her chubbiness but was now looking for something that added that grace, agility and toned look without getting her into a trap of extreme starvation. Kalaripayattu served well for her as she trained to get fit not just thin.

How Kalaripayattu became the solution to Parineeti Chopra's weight loss problems

Parineeti Chopra in her new svelte avatar

Parineeti wanted to get into an exercise regimen that added stamina and that’s why this martial art form was a great choice for her. However, she also coupled her new regimen with sensible eating. She did not deprive her body but balanced her meals and said good-bye to every day cheat meals.

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For an actor like her, the regimen turned out to be doubly beneficial as an increased agility also meant that her dance moves got further honed.

Today Parineeti post shedding all that excess weight in wrong places feels more confident and fit but most of all she feels more energetic than ever before.

How Kalaripayattu help you achieve holistic results

How Kalaripayattu became the solution to Parineeti Chopra's weight loss problems

  • Practicing this form also helps to get the mental balance as you are able to cohesively control your body and mind and hence it de-stresses you.
  • The movements help in regulating blood circulation in your body hence working towards your overall well-being
  • It builds up your immunity and also rids the body of harmful toxins while toning your limbs.
  • It aids in building up your focus since it is a form of combat exercise. The alertness of mind and an increased confidence are some of the best-known benefits of this form.

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