Parents use hyperrealistic dolls to cope with a miscarriage

Parents use hyperrealistic dolls to cope with a miscarriage

Holding on to a doll may allow the person to have a partial experience of actualizing all those parts of the story that have been building up over a lifetime.

A Spanish company called Babyclon that creates hyperrealistic dolls made out of silicone that some parents use in order to cope with losing a child.

They make a wide variety of hyperrealistic dolls

In addition to the human dolls that the company makes, they also make dolls made inspired by the film ‘Avatar’.

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They’re handcrafted from silicone, and they also offer kits where you can paint the doll depending on your desired skin color.

The dolls cost about $2000 each, and they’re not only popular with doll enthusiasts, but they’re also being recommended by some therapists for parents to cope with a miscarriage or the death o a child.

Parents use the dolls to cope with loss

The hyperrealistic dolls, called ‘reborn dolls’ are used by parents, and also recommended by therapists for parents trying to cope with losing a child.

David J. Diamond, PhD, psychologist and cofounder and codirector of the Center for Reproductive Psychology shares, “The attachment to a child begins long before the child is actually born; I would say, in some ways, long before the child is even conceived.”

“Holding on to a doll may allow the person to have a partial experience of actualizing all those parts of the story that have been building up over a lifetime.”

Aline P. Zoldbrod, PhD, psychologist and author, adds, “It would be helpful for grieving fathers to carry this doll around as well, and for most of the same reasons,” said Zoldbrod. “There is even less permission for men to grieve than there is for women.”

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How to cope with losing a child

Losing a child is never easy, and for parents who are going through loss, grieving and coping with reality isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

Here are some tips for parents who have just lost a child:

  • Talk to someone. Talk to someone, or anyone for that matter. Talking about your grief or loss with someone is a good way of sharing your feelings so that the healing process can start.
  • There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad. Some people think that feeling sad is a sign of weakness, however, it’s a normal part of the grieving process. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of being sad if you experience loss in your life.
  • Have a routine. Having a daily routine helps a lot when you’re coping with loss. It helps keep you busy and lets you feel that in spite of your loss, life goes on.
  • Get enough rest. Rest is important as the emotional strain from grieving can tire you out.
  • Stay healthy. In some cases, people tend to forget to think about their health if they’re coping with loss. Make sure to keep yourself healthy by eating properly and getting enough rest.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or similar activities. Some people drink to ‘numb the pain’, but it doesn’t really help them cope with the loss. It’s best to avoid these activities since they’ll only make things worse.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to counseling. For others, counseling is the best way of handling their loss. Don’t be afraid to seek help or go to a psychiatrist if you think that the stress of grieving is too much.

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